Contacts not displaying in WhatsApp on your Redmi Note 3

Of all the Android apps, one the most common app we find on any Android smartphone is WhatsApp. Many Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 users who have installed WhatsApp on their respective smartphones have facing issues like Contacts not displaying. For all those users, here we have a simple guide which helps to fix WhatsApp contacts issue on Redmi Note 3.

Main reason behind contacts not appearing in the Select contact list is due to the Security app denying WhatsApp from accessing your contact list. To fix this, you need to manage app permission from main settings.

How to Solve Contacts not displayed in WhatsApp on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3

Method 1: via Security app

2. Here you will see list of various options. Tap on “Permissions”.

4. Now you will see list of various applications that have been installed on your Redmi Note 3.


That’s it! Now launch WhatsApp and all your contacts name will be displayed on WhatsApp.

This is another method through which you can manage permissions on your device.  Go to Settings > Permissions > Permissions > WhatsApp and enable “Read your contacts”.

To remind you, WhatsApp recently upgraded to latest version which brings Video Calling feature within the app. To enjoy Video Calling on your Xiaomi phone, do download WhatsApp APK from the following link.

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