Contacts from WhatsApp do not appear on Xiaomi

Xiaomi Mi5

Yesterday I decided to buy another Xiaomi Mi5, for a friend (I’m not going to have a thousand mobiles), and the problem came, when after a while, the contacts WhatsApp stopped appearing in a terminal.

The first thing that came to mind was that it would be a permissions problem but as I had the mobile before I started to tell him things that he should be testing solutions. Apparently, in MIUI, it’s very common for WhatsApp having problems with the permissions and to avoid this you have to make some steps, very simple, but necessary for everything to work.


How do I display contacts from WhatsApp on any Xiaomi?

My friend went to reinstall Whatsapp and when I did this the contacts appeared but a short time contacts were going and could not do anything. This seems to be a common error and the solution is simple.

you have to change some things in the Security Settings that are necessary for WhatsApp to work perfectly, otherwise we’ll just see the numbers and many pictures of contact does not appear. The solution is easy.

  • we Seek the application Security (or safety) in our Xiaomi, it usually comes in the main screen.
  • once in the application, we have to go to the tab Permissions and find the application WhatsApp.
  • There will activate the permissions for WhatsApp to access your contacts and we will also use to configure an option that puts “I Trust this application“.
  • we can Also go to the applications Autostart and add WhatsApp, it is recommended that the important applications do not give problems in MIUI, problems associated with permissions that do not work well.

Another of the solutions is to Delete the data of WhatsApp, usually works and the contacts return but we risk losing conversations and WhatsApp messages that have not been saved.

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