Comparison of WhatsApp calling with other free VoIP

WhatsApp Vs Viber Vs Skype

Recently, WhatsApp has rolled out its free voice calling feature for Android, iPhone and iOS users just like other apps including Viber and Skype which is based on VoIP technology. But no one is aware about the fact that the calling through these apps becomes more expensive when compared with regular calling, if data charges are increased.

When WhatsApp calling feature is compared with other VoIP systems including Skype, Viber, Hangouts and many more, it is estimated that all the websites consume large amount of data and thus, results in the increase of your mobile bill.

Here is comparison of major mobile free VoIP systems based on:

Cost of Calling:

Viber is an easy-to use free calling mobile app just like Skype and WhatsApp, but users have to pay when making calls to landline or mobile phones via Skype. The rates are cheap when compared with traditional land-line rates especially in case of international calls. But WhatsApp has not revealed anything about the cost of making calls to landline and thus, proves to be the best when compared with others.

Data Consumption:

Skype consumes lot of data, memory and processing power when compared to Viber. WhatsApp along with voice calling feature is a light app as no need to use lot of resources just like others.

Calling Quality:

Skype is best as offers high quality calls for both- voice and video. The quality of WhatsApp is reliable when compared with Viber but Skype uses HD voice and enhanced codecs.


WhatsApp and Viber are more user-friendly when compared with Skype because both the apps are easy to use and accessible to very many users.


Viber and WhatsApp requires cell phone number for identification and at the time of call where as Skype requires username and password before making any call.

In all the apps including Viber, Skype and WhatsApp, the amount of data is consumed even when you receive the incoming call. The data consumption gets double when you are using voice calling feature along with sending or receiving videos. Thus, your free calling apps are also responsible to spent more money on online activities.

Note and Conclusion:

If you want to make calls via mobile phone, Viber is the best option as uses less data but if using PC or desktop go for Skype. But for VoIP voice calling feature, WhatsApp is the best among the three as you can chat, send video, images, etc without spending anything and with less data usage.

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