Common Bluestacks 2 Errors and Fixes

Bluestacks has been the most popular and the most successful Android emulator till now. Recently the company released a major update to its emulator in the form of Bluestacks 2. Bluestacks 2 is the improved version of the Bluestacks and comes with several new features. As of now the Bluestacks 2 is only available for Windows computer, but you can expect it to make its way to the Mac OS X soon.

As the old habits don’t go away, the old Bluestacks error also is something the company cannot get rid of entirely. So, in today’s article, we will be showing you the common Bluestacks 2 errors and fixes.

If you are in a hurry, check our table of contents list below and jump directly to the Bluestacks error you are facing.


Common Bluestacks 2 Errors and Fixes

Bluestacks is an Android emulator and has been popular among the users who wants to run Android apps on Windows PC or Mac. It allows you to run the favourite Android apps on Windows PC. Bluestacks error, on the other hand, has been as common as the emulator itself.  The Bluestacks may not be able to get rid of these Bluestacks errors as they don’t occur on every computer but depends on PC to PC.

There is no single Bluestacks error; hence, it cannot be resolved with a software update. Different users face different Bluestacks error. Some of the common Bluestacks errors have been Blustacks 25000, Bluestacks stuck on the loading screen, stuck on downloading screen at 100%, Bluestacks freezing while playing Clash of Clans, Bluestacks graphic card error, Bluestacks 2GB memory error, download runtime data error, etc.

Bluestacks is a heavy application and requires you to have a computer with a decent configuration according to today’s standard. A recommended configuration to run the Bluestacks is 3-4GB of RAM, a dedicated graphic card or Intel integrated graphics and a powerful enough Intel or AMD processor.

If you are running Bluestacks on an old computer, then don’t run other applications alongside Bluestacks as it can slow down your computer.

Here I have listed common Bluestacks errors and fixes. These fixes have been taken from the Internet according to the user feedback. Though most of these fixes should fix common Bluestacks errors, you may need to try it before coming to aaconclusion. Nevertheless, give these fixes a try and hopefully, you should be able to fix common Bluestacks errors.

Common Bluestacks Errors and Fixes

The common Bluestacks error mentioned below are for the old version of Bluestacks and not for Bluestacks 2. So, if you are using the old version of Bluestacks and haven’t updated to the latest version of Bluestacks then download Bluestacks 2 from the link here. If you still face any Bluestacks error then go through the fixes for common Bluestacks error below. Click on your error link below, and it will take you to the recommended fixes.

Note: Before you try any of the fixes given below, try to disable your antivirus program and also disable your Antivirus Firewall temporarily. This may also cause Bluestacks error on the computer. If disabling the Antivirus and Firewall fixes the Bluestacks error, you may don’t need to follow these fixes anymore.

Fix Bluestacks Graphic Card Error

The graphic card error in Bluestacks is the most common error faced by the user. When you try to install Bluestacks on your computer, you will get an error message “Bluestacks currently doesn’t recognise your graphic card. It is possible your graphic drivers may need to be updated, please update them and try installing again”. You would also see an error code 25000 when the graphic card error pops up.

There are two methods to fix the graphics card error in Bluestacks. The first method is downloading an older version of the Bluestacks which does not require the graphic card to install and the second method is updating your graphic card drivers.

 Fix Bluestacks Graphics Card Error by Updating your Driver

If you have Intel’s integrated graphic processor or a dedicated graphic card, then you may need to update your graphic card driver to resolve this error in Bluestacks.

To update your graphic card driver go to My Computer > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager > expand Display Adapters > right-click on your graphic card driver and select Update drivers.

Fix graphic card driver error in Bluestacks

You can also get the latest version of graphic card driver for your graphics processor from the links given below.

Update graphic card driver for Intel Chipset, AMD and Nvidia. After updating your graphics card driver, reinstall Bluestacks again.

 Install Older Version of Bluestacks:

If you don’t have a dedicated graphic processor or integrated Intel graphics chip then you can download the older version of the Bluestacks from the link here.

However, do note that if you install the older version of the Bluestacks, you won’t be able to run graphic intensive Android games on Bluestacks. But, you can run Apps like Whatsapp on PC.

Fix Bluestacks Downloading Runtime Data Error

If you are using the online Bluestacks installer to install the Bluestacks, then you may face “Downloading runtime data error” while downloading the data. It is a common error and may occur to anyone. This error occurs due to the problem in Bluestacks server.

To fix this error you have to uninstall the partially installed Bluestacks completely and then reinstall Bluestacks. Use any third-party uninstaller such as Revo uninstaller to uninstall Bluestacks. This would make sure that all the files from your directories are removed.

Alternatively, you can also download the Bluestacks offline installer and solve downloading runtime data error. You can get Bluestacks offline installer from here.

Fix Bluestacks App Player Couldn’t be Installed Error

While trying to install the Bluestacks on your computer, you may face an error message “hmmm…. It seems BlueStacks App Player couldn’t be installed on this computer. We’d love to fix the problem – can you help us? Search for the file: C:/User/window.AppData/Local/Temp/MSIA0907.LOG and email it to us at Support Thanks!”.

There are two reasons for this error. The Bluestacks app player couldn’t be installed error can occur if you have old Bluestacks installation files in your directory or if you haven’t installed the .net Frameworks on your PC.

Remove Bluestacks Files using Registry Editor:

At times, while uninstalling a program, backup files will remain in your registry. This can cause Bluestacks app player couldn’t be installed error in your PC.

To fix this press “Windows key + R”. Enter “Regedit” and hit enter. From the left corner pane click on “HKeyLocalMachine”. Open it and look for “Software folder”. Under “Software” folder, delete Bluestacks folder if you find it.  Once done, download and install Bluestacks again.

Install .Net Frameworks:

If you don’t have.Net Frameworks installed, then you may face the “Bluestacks app player couldn’t be installed error” on your PC. To resolve this error, install .Net frameworks from the official Microsoft website. This is only required if you are installing an older version of the Bluestacks.

Fix Failed to Install BlueStacks Error

Another common problem in BlueStacks is “Failed to install BlueStacks” error. This error has no error code hence it is difficult to find the culprit of this error. However, what you can do here is look for the old Bluestacks files in your registry. At times, when you uninstall programs, Windows does not clean the files completely, and some files will remain in your registry. You can delete these files using the Registry Editor.

To do this, press “Windows key + R”. Enter “Regedit” and hit enter. From the left corner pane click on “HKeyLocalMachine”. Open it and look for “Software folder”. Under “Software” folder, delete Bluestacks folder if you find it.

Now download and try to install the Bluestacks from scratch. This should fix the “Failed to install Bluestacks” error on your PC.

Fix Bluestacks Failed to Connect to the Server

If you try to search for any app using the Bluestacks search bar, you may come across this “No app found please check your internet connection and try again” error. This is a common error and should not be a big problem. This is a common error and also a temporary error.

If you come across this error, try to disconnect your internet connection. Close Bluestacks completely. Open Task manager, in the process tab, find “Bluestacks” process. If not look for the Bluestacks process in the Service tab in Task Manager. If you find any Bluestacks service running, click on it and then click on End process button.

Now run the BlueStacks again and try to connect to the internet. This time, you should be able to search for the app without any error.

Fix Bluestacks 2GB Physical Memory Error

Bluestacks initially needed the computer to have a minimum of 1GB RAM to install on your computer. Later the company increased the requirement to a minimum of 2GB RAM. Now if you are on an old computer with less than 2GB RAM, then you will see low physical memory error in Bluestacks.

In such situation, you may have to upgrade your RAM or get the older version of the Bluestacks app player and install it on your PC.

Fix Bluestacks Unknown Error Code During Application Install 110

The error “Unknown Error Code During Application Install 110” occurs in BlueStacks when you try to install any from the Google Play Store. This usually happens because of Google Play cache. To resolve this error, you may need to clear Google Play cache. Remove your Google account from the BlueStacks. Then, enter your Google account details from scratch and fix “Unknown Error Code During Application Install 110” error.

Fix Couldn’t Sign In Error in Bluestacks

Another minor yet common Bluestacks error is “Couldn’t sign in, can’t establish a reliable connection to the server” error when you try to use Bluestack. This is a temporary error and can occur due to several reasons.

The first thing you should do is make sure that you have a stable internet connection. If the error persists, do the following.

Close Bluestacks. Open Task Manger and look in the “Process” tab and look for Bluestacks service. If there is any Bluestacks service running, make sure to select it and click on the End process button.

Now disconnect your Internet and disable the Internet adapter. Restart your PC to save the settings. Enable your Internet adapter and connect to the Internet. Now run Bluestacks and try to Sign in to the Google Play store and see if the error has been resolved.

Fix Bluestacks Object Reference Not Set to an Instance

The Bluestacks object reference not set to an instance error has been reported by so many users that this seems to a bug with the Bluestacks 2 itself.

As a workaround, you can try downloading the previous version of Bluestacks and install it until Bluestacks 2 has been fixed for the bug.

Fix Specified Argument was out of the range of valid values Error

The Specified argument was out of the range of valid values error has been one of the most common errors in Bluestacks 2. It seems to occur because of screen resolution issue. This is a bug in Bluestacks 2, which needs to be fixed by the developers. However, as a workaround try these steps.

Reduce your Screen Resolution

The error Specified argument was out of the range of valid values occur when you run the Bluestacks 2, and the window width and height pulled up to the max available screen resolution of the monitor/display. There are two things you can do to fix it.

Reduce your Display Resolution to 600 x 800. To do this, right-click on Desktop and select Display Settings.

Click on Advanced Display Settings.

Scroll down and click on Screen Resolution drop down menu and select 800 x 600 as the screen resolution. Click on Apply and save the settings.

The above method should work fine, but you may not prefer it because of reduced screen resolution. In that case, you can edit the registry files related to Bluestacks and set the Width and Hight of the Bluestacks 2 window. Here is how to do it. Thanks to Chris for this fix.

Note: Editing of registry files involves risk of breaking your system. To avoid this, create a restore point in Windows 10 before proceeding with the below steps. This will help you to recover in case something goes wrong.

  1. Go to the taskbar, right -the Bluestacks icon and select ‘quit’.
  2. Press Windows Key + R, and type Regedit and hit enter. It will open Registry Editor.
Run regedit windows 10

3. Go to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\FrameBuffer\0\” 4. Double Click ‘Window Height’ set ‘Base’ to Decimal and set ‘Value Data’ to ‘600’. Click OK. 5. Double Click ‘Window Width’ set ‘Base’ to Decimal and set ‘Value Data’ to ‘800’. Click OK. 6. Start Bluestacks and resize the window as required.

Fix Bluestacks Installation Failed MSI Log File Error

If you have been trying to install Bluestacks on your computer, you may encounter this error.

The error looks something like this:

The error is related to ownership and certificate problem. It usually occurs when you try to install Bluestacks 2 from the offline installer.

Now there are two methods to fix it. Try the first one, if that did not resolve the issue, try the method 2.

 Take Ownership

In this method, you will be taking ownership of the Bluestacks installer file and then try to install it.

So download the file from the given link.

It is a Zip file, so you should extract it. Once extracted, run the file and it will add Ownership option to your right-click.

A restart may be needed before the ownership option can be added to your Right-click. So, restart your PC.

Now navigate to where you have the Bluestacks.msi setup file.

Right-click on it and select Take Ownership. Once, double click on the Bluestacks.msi file to install Bluestacks.

Install Certificate

Navigate to the location where you have the Bluestacks.msi file located.

Right-click on it and select Properties.

Under Properties, go to Compatability tab.

Fix MSI Log File error Bluestacks Properties compatability tab

Check Run this program in Compatability mode for option and click on Apply to save the changes.

Next, click on Digital Signature tab.

Bluestacks 2 Properties Digital Signature tab details

Under Signature list, select Bluestacks system and click on Details.

In the Digital Signature Details window, click on View Certificate.

Bluestacks 2 Properties View Certificate

Next, click on Install Certificates.

Bluestacks 2 certificate Install Certificate

In the Certificate Import Wizard, select Current User as Import Location and click Next.

Certificate Import Wizard

Next, select “Automatically select the certificate store based on the type of certificate” and click Next.

Click Finish to install the certificate.

Upon the successful installation, a “The import was successful” message will be displayed.

Now run the installer again, and the Bluestacks will install without any error.

Fix Bluestacks Error 2318 

The Bluestacks error 2318 occurs when you try to install or uninstall Bluestacks player. The error is common, and the reason for this can be anything.

This error can occur due to registry problems, malware, and virus problem, etc. Here are few quick fixes to resolve the Bluestacks Error 2318.

Use Registry Editor 

Press Windows Key + R, type regedit and hit enter. It will open Registry Editor.

Next, press Ctrl + F and type Bluestacks. You will see all the results related to Bluestacks. Delete all the registry details related to Bluestacks.


Now try to install Bluestacks again, and you should have the problem resolved.

Troubleshoot: Cannot delete Bluestacks: Error while deleting key error

While deleting the Bluestacks key if you get “Cannot delete Bluestacks: Error while deleting key” error then it could be a permission issue. Follow this article to fix cannot delete error while deleting the key.

Install in Clean Boot Mode

Clean Boot in Windows allows you to boot PC without third-party applications or services. So, if any of the third-party service or apps is causing such error, then you can boot into Clean Boot Mode and try installing Bluestacks.

To do this, follow these steps:

Press Windows Key + R  and type msconfig in the Run dialogue box. Hit enter to open System Configuration.

In the General Tab, Check Load System services and Use original boot configuration.


Now click on Services tab. In Services tab, check ” Hide all Microsoft Services “.

Once done, click on Disable  All. This will disable all third-party services temporarily.


Now restart your PC and try installing Bluestacks. If the error was occurring due to third-party service interference, then you should be able to install the app now.

Note: Don’t forget to enable all the services once you are done installing the app.

To enable services again, open System Configuration, go to Services tab, check Hide all Microsoft Services, then click on Enable all.

Restart Windows Installer

You can also try restarting the Windows installer to resolve Bluestacks error 2318.

Open Command Prompt as admin. Right-click on Windows Button / Start button and select Command Prompt (Admin).

In the command prompt, type these commands one by one.

Once done executing these command, try to install Bluestacks and see if the error has been resolved.

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