Check Who Visited Your WhatsApp Profile on iOS (Wrevealer Cydia Tweak)

Who doesn’t like to see who is checking his profile? Major part of social networks only permit users to see a layer of information. With WhatsApp the same thing happens, officially it is not possible to see who visited your profile, opened your profile pic etc.

Wrevealer is a cydia tweak (paid) that gives you a list of people who visited your profile (with the respective phone numbers). You can try it on any iOS 8, 9 + jailbroken device (iPhone or iPad).

So, if you have a jailbroken device you can check who visited your WhatsApp profile using this tweak. Let’s see how it works.

After installing Wrevealer (check how in the ned of the post) you will be prompt to a login screen. You may create an account to use this tweak.

After logging in, you will see the next screen. You may first “Refresh Whatsapp” and the go to “Search” to gett akk the numbers that visited your profile on WhatsApp.

The result is something like this: you will get a list of phone numbers in the left, the date and the hour they accessed your profile. Amazing right? The tweak also allows you to save the list in your device. For that just go to “Menu” > “Save”.

The bad news about the tweak: the price. If you are interested in this tweak here are the prices:

The minimum is 10$ for a month.

How to get an additional free day

The first day you install the tweak is free to explore. Go get an extra trial day just check in the top of the screen, share on Twitter or FB and your trial period will extend one day.

Download Wrevealer Cydia Tweak

To download and install Wrevealer follow the next steps: Open Cydia > Go to “sources” > Edit and add this “” > Browse for “Wrevealer” > proceed with the installation.

We will update when we found a free alternative to Wrevealer, make sure you subscribe email updates.

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