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WhatsApp is a popular messaging tool for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows phone users, but it has long been missing desktop clients… until now, anyway. For Mac users, you can now chat through WhatsApp directly from OS X by using a free app called WhatsMac.

With WhatsMac you’ll be able to chat in WhatsApp as usual, view media that has been sent through chat, and get notifications of new messages through OS X Notification Center. At the moment, media uploading doesn’t work outside of drag & drop, but since most other features do and you’re probably just using the app to have text conversations, that’s not much of a loss.

You’ll need to have WhatsApp working and associated with a phone number first, then users can grab WhatsMac from the developer over at Github:

  • Go here to the WhatsMac github page to get the download

If you have Gatekeeper enabled (as most Mac users should), you’ll need to run the app around Gatekeeper by right-clicking and choosing “Open”.

For those who are curious how this works, WhatsMac is actually a wrapper to the web based WhatsApp messenger client, but it’s well done enough that you probably won’t notice that. It’s open source, so the extra curious can even poke around and see how the whole thing works, interacting with WhatsApp on the web. You’ll need to scan the QR code from a compatible WhatsApp mobile app to get it working (if there is a way around that, let us know, since that is a limitation for iPhone users).

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