Can You Install Whatsapp Both on Phone and Tablet?

Yes! You can use Whatsapp both on your phone and tablet

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The only down side to install Whatsapp on a Wi – Fi only tablet is when you verify the account on the tablet Whatsapp will stop working on your Smartphone. It’s happen because your phone number can only ever be associated with one Whatsapp account. After all, you don’t really need to view all of your messages on both your phone and tablet. In the other hand, you could simply verify the service on whichever device you’ll have to hand that day. You can use Whatsapp on a phone and tablet at the same time by using a different mobile number and it really doesn’t matter which number you will use for verification as long as it is a mobile number because you need to have it in hand in order to answer the call and get the code you wanted.

Why I need to use Whatsapp?

Most of people would admit Whatsapp as one of the most popular messaging applications for both Android and iOS system. For android users, you can just simply turn on your Wi – Fi or data connection on your mobile and get this application on the Play Store. After you finished installing Whatsapp, it will activate your device to enable you to make free calls by using Internet (to successfully using this feature, you need to get a strong connection). You also can join in Whatsapp community by telling your friend who installed Whatsapp already to call you using Whatsapp and once it was activated and connected, you can invite more friends to install Whatsapp and take the advantage of free calls via internet. Inverse, you also can receive any invitations from the other friends who have the Whatsapp installed on their device.

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