Can WhatsApp Messages be Traced or Hacked?

Yes! Many of us are already aware of WhatsApp-an instant messaging application allowing Smart Phone users to chat with each other. What some of us probably do not know is that a new application is now available on Android devices’ Play Store that has shown how easy it is to intercept whatsApp conversations of other users, especially for users on the same Wi-Fi network. The interceptor can then read your messages and even view any videos or pictures you have shared with other users. Surprised? There is more to it.

Tools to use to trace WhatsApp messages

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WhatsApp Sniffer

This root terminals’ tool can read whatsApp messages of a Wi-Fi network. It captures conversations, videos/pictures as well as co-ordinates sent or received byiPhone, Android Phone or Nokia using the same Wi-Fi network. It can also read messages sent and received by the Blackberry’s since they utilize their own unique servers and those of WhatsApp. This app effectively proves that WhatsApp’s communications can easily be traced. WhatsApp sniffer simply uses the TCPDump program that can read all Wi-Fi network packets, filtering those that have destination or original servers. Conversations are in plain texts implying that WhatsApp does not encrypt anything.

Using Spyware

Using third party spyware, you can be able to trace not only WhatsApp conversations but also do many other things like track GPS location, capture your Victim’s locks screen password and also monitor Websites. Many free type of Spyware is readily available.

WhatsApp apparently knew of the problem more than a year ago, which begs the question: Why has the problem not been fixed? As this revelation expands, many people will no doubt demand for answers. The good news is that not everyone can use this application. Your typical android user cannot install the free spyware software application and search your messages. There is also a slight hope that the vulnerability will be fixed soon.

Decryption Conversations

If the other user has locked his WhatsApp, and you want his messages on your PC, you will need to decrypt the conversations since WhatsApp encrypt the same while backing up in Phone memory or SD Card for security reasons. There is a tool called WhatsApp extract that can decrypt all the conversations to you PC. Also, if you can access his device, simply send files from Bluetooth right to your phone and read the conversations.

How to backup WhatsApp

  1. Go to settings in your whatsapp, select more and then Backup chats.
  2. Copy the whatsapp folder on the SD card to Personal Computer, for example.
  3. Use a tool called Whatsapp Backup Extractor to show the conversations in a friendly and readable format.

mSpy App

mSpy tracking software is effective, cost effective and comprehensive tracing software. It includes advanced surveillance features that discreetly observe cell phone activities and relay the information to mSpy user account. It also monitors location even where traditional GPS-based apps fail. Other additional features include mobile phone surveillance gears to record all activities of a monitored phone. After installing, this smart phone tracing software will automatically record all activities and send the data to mSpy user account.

SMS Tracker

How to trace whatsApp messages using mSpy

  1. Install mSpy on your target phone and use your phone or computer to trace it.
  2. Open mSpy application and register with your email address
  3. Log in mSpy with your account using your tablet, computer or smart phone so as to be able to track your smart phone. Wait for 15 minutes to upgrade information from your monitored phone.

Features of mSpy

Trace WhatsApp messages: It allows you to read all WhatsApp conversations through the target smart phone. mSPY software enables you to trace all whatsapp conversations, track whatsApp messages even without rooting spying phone, obtain time and date stamps as to be able to know the time each chat took place and find out the numbers and names of persons the target phone has been conversing with.

Trace all photos captured: It records all photos taken by the camera of the target phone, and sends the same automatically to your mSpyware online account without using iTunes or Personal Computer software. This can, therefore, be used to positively protect children against accessing and sharing nude pictures. So, while it is true WhatsAapp messages can be traced is possible, it should be used positively.

Other Features: Features of mSPY is literally endless, Its so huge that I had to write a new post discusiing all of its features which you can view here: mSPY Review

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