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Welcome to the world of Bulk WhatsApp marketing channels. Chances are that if you stumbled upon on this website then you are already using any WhatsApp Marketing Software, Script, Panel or other tools available which allows you to send WhatsApp marketing messages.

But, the thing is you need WhatsApp Channels also known as WhatsApp Senders to run the campaigns. Right?

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing is one of the leading provider of highest quality WhatsApp Channels.

You can use these Channels/Senders with WhatsApp Bulk Sender, WAPanel 7, ReverseStation’s WhatsAppBulk, XtraBulk, WasupBulk, or any other WhatsApp Marketing tools available on the web.

With this website our aim is to provide you with the most solid & honest advice about how to go about using these Channels in the best way possible to run your campaigns on large number of database. Also, how to increase the life of your channels & keep them safe for longer use.

So, stick with me here. Close down all your browser windows, cell phones, any notification and keep your focus in reading this article. Because if you do then you will not only same a lot of money & time which will be wasted dealing with the wrong vendors, providers & low quality channels.

After going through this article you will be out of the top 1% of the people into WhatsApp Marketing who got the leading edge of understanding everything that most people fail at any given time.

Protected WhatsApp Channels vs Unprotected WhatsApp Channels. What’s the difference?

With so many applications, software, scripts, tools, panels which are available on the web these days which allows you to send WhatsApp messages with different media types such as text messages, images, videos, audios and even vCard file. Most of the tools never work that well. And the one’s which do. Need quality WhatsApp channel to operate the messaging.

The difference between a protected channel or unprotected is very simple. Protected channels are generated using security code which allows you to secure your WhatsApp Channel. So, that no one can steal your WhatsApp channel using WhatsApp Channels Finder software, etc.

If you don’t have a WhatsApp channel which is protected using Security Code. Then, anyone can steal your channel and reset the password. Then, you would lose your hard earned money which you invested into creating/buying this channel. Also, have very high chances of getting these channels exploited by someone else leading to your WhatsApp channel getting blocked.

A lot of our clients come to us asking if we are able to reset the channel password for them. And that’s because their channel password got changed by someone else and they are not able to login into their brand new channels. And 99% of the times these are channels which were unprotected channels.

So, make sure you don’t fall into this trap. Whether you are creating your own WhatsApp channel or buying from someone else. Make sure you have security code generated and given to you so that these channels don’t get stolen by anyone.

So, How can we find out if my channel is protected or unprotected?

If you are dealing with a good WhatsApp channel provider. It becomes his duty to give you protected channels. He will make sure that he is only giving you channels with security code. IF NOT. Then he is either himself generating these channels using software such as WhatsApp Channels Finder, etc. which extracts these channels WITHOUT the security code. In this case, in order to verify that your channel is protected or not. Then, try reseting your password using your WhatsApp Registration Tool and see if you are able to do it. If it does change the password that means your channels are protected channels. (Make sure you add your security code while resetting, OR ELSE it won’t reset the password)

What’s the benefits of Protected WhatsApp Channel VS Unprotected Channels?

Protected Channels are much more secure, safer & long lasting then unprotected channels. Since, you are already investing your money, time, energy, efforts & opportunity cost into buying/creating WhatsApp channels. It’s a no brainer to go with something which will be effective and efficient in the long term isn’t it?

Protected channel will last much longer then unprotected channels.

Protected channel won’t be stolen by any software such as WhatsApp Channels Finder software.

Protected channels are prone to issues such as password login failed or password reset & login failed. Since, your channels are protected using security code and can’t be shared by anyone else i.e. if you don’t share!

So, in future if you buy any channel. Make sure they are protected.

Bulk WhatsApp Marketing is proud about the fact that we are the most honest & robust company in terms of providing quality, protected, and secure channels which are only sold one time to every client. We also provide 30 Days replacement for any channel which fails to login from the date of purchase.

How Works…

When you are dealing with us. You are not just dealing with any random WhatsApp Channels Provider. We are the most premium provider. And that’s for a reason.

We have developed a very high iron-clad security to make sure your channels are delivered in a robust manner, securely and safely.

All our channels comes with Security code, along with IP address on which the channel was generated, along with creation date & time, phone number, channel password, etc.

We don’t make channels using Virtual Phone numbers which are available freely using different applications & services available online.

We buy local actual SIM Cards in huge quantity so that every channel is made using real SIM cards. And that ways no one will be able to reset your channel or re-generate your channel within the next 6 months.

That’s because all the SIM cards we buy are pre-paid SIM cards with 6 months activation. And when they expire the telecom operator takes 3 months more to re-activate this number for any other buyer.

The problem with VIRTUAL phone numbers is a BIG one.

Most vendors go about registering these WhatsApp Channels using some free online voice calling service such as Pinger, TextPlus, Google Voice, etc. And all the vendors are always looking out for these kind of sources. And hence, since everyone is basically registering from the same source. What they end up doing is getting the same series again and again and re-registering the same numbers. We don’t do that.

So, even though your channel might be working for few days. But, you will get error such as login failed or channel blocked because someone else either reset the channel or someone else is already using the channel and got them blocked.

Hence, bad news. You either lost the channel forever. Or you got them blocked. One and the same thing.

In comparison with us. When you get channels from us. We will generate these WhatsApp channels using physical SIM cards. We will pay for activation of these SIM cards for 6 months. And keep the numbers active and secure with us. If they give you any kind of login error within 30 days. We provide you with complete replacement of WhatsApp channels. Our channels are secure & come with security code.

We also NEVER EVER EVER resell the same channel to any other client. So, you are assured that ONLY you are using these channels and no one else.

Firstly, congratulations. Since, you are out of those few people who read this article so far. Secondly, now you won’t waste any money from now onwards into buying any less quality channel that we just shared with you.

We just wanted to make sure that before we go ahead with any transaction further. You know what you will get and what’s the reason behind what we do and why we are proud of it.

By now, you know the different between virtual number vs real SIM cards. And also, unprotected vs protected channel.

Now, let’s get into the pricing part….

Frankly, since we have higher costing of buying these SIM cards and paying for 6 months of activation. These channels are a bit expensive then normal virtual channels.

We make sure we provide you with high quality channels. And not the other way around. We are not those make money and then run away people which if you have experienced is what other vendors do. We are here to support you and give you the best from our side or die trying.

We believe every client is our biggest asset and we continue developing a long term relationship with each one of them. And that’s one of the reason we have been surviving and thriving our business with all our present clients who are mostly giving repeat orders and continue doing so even till date.

You can find our pricing based on the quantity you buy below:

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