Businesses Benefit from WhatsApp


WhatsApp is a messaging service that was acquired by Facebook for a whopping $19 billion in 2014. As of February of 2016 there were officially 1 billion users on the WhatsApp application. Each day nearly 30 billion messages sent, 750 million images are sent, while there’s over 100 million videos shared through the app. These numbers make it one of the most used app ever created. In fact in India more people use WhatsApp than Facebook, making it the most used mode of SMS communication.

Now you understand why you need to use it to market your business. The tricky part is knowing where there are opportunities to bring in customers. The following tips will help businesses develop a marketing strategy around one of the world’s most used apps.

Create a WhatsApp Signup

Before you can begin sending your customers information, you need to build a contact list. Similar to building an email newsletter signup, this will ask for for a user’s mobile number. Now you may experience some pushback with people providing their phone number. Many of us give a lesser-used email address when signing up for such sites. Another option is to have users add your WhatsApp number to their phone. This way they will be able to remove messages when they would like.

The best way to get new users to sign up, give them an offer. Offer a discount when a user provides their mobile number, this can be something like free shipping or 15% your next order. This will give users an incentive to join your list.

Create Promotions and Deals Available Through WhatsApp

To keep users engaged with your business on the app it’s important to offer deals and promotions to your followers. Now it’s important to not overload your followers with messages, but to consistently offer them updates on the business.

Now you don’t have to just offer promos through the app, you can share content. Share a video that shows your most recent product or service. Share your blog articles, YouTube videos, and any other information your readers may want to know about.

Use WhatsApp for Team Communication

You can also use the application internally with your team. It can be difficult to send an email to a whole team and expect everyone to respond. With WhatsApp you can create different groups that have different team members. Have your sales team all in one group where they can ask questions, share stories, and engage with others. Users will get notifications when a message is received and everyone in the group can see what everyone is saying. No more email replies getting lost.

Use WhatsApp to Answer Customer Service Questions

Similar to using the app to engage fellow employees, you can use the app to answer questions from customers. Essentially, WhatsApp is used as a SMS customer service outlet. Throughout your site, especially your Contact Us page, make your WhatsApp number available. Let visitors know they can simply send a text message about a question and receive a quick reply. This gives customers multiple options when contacting a site, email, chat, phone, and now mobile messaging.

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