Beware of the scam of the animated emoticons in WhatsApp

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a long time Ago, months ago, if I remember correctly, you speak of a scam of animated emoticons that circulated through WhatsApp. But you must be careful, because this super scam has become. Many users we have warned of these animated emoticons that are circulating on WhatsApp for you to download (don’t do that, it is a scam). If you have seen this message in string, alert the user that you have been commanded and do not do anything. If you can, delete the message.

The goal of this scam is that the user subscribes to SMS premium. Never give out your phone number for anything. WhatsApp never added functionality in this way. Suspicion always that you will be redirected to an external page, and you ask for a phone number.

whatsapp cadena emoticonos animados

Scam animated emoticons WhatsApp

This chain is expanding into WhatsApp as a potent virus. Users receive this harmless message, but when they click to get the animated emoticons, innocent has nothing.

Only we will activate animated emoticons in WhatsApp if we share the message with 13 contacts. Obviously, to be a scam, wants you to share it with the largest number of users, thus increases the probability of biting, and subscribe. Once you share it, you will have the option of entering the phone number to download the animated emoticons. Don’t do it ever!

In these scams fall many users, so beware. Never put your number out-of-WhatsApp. You will never need to share a string to make a functionality in WhatsApp…

very careful with these chains

These chains of WhatsApp are very typical. The worst thing is that they all seek the same thing, that the user pique as a fool and subscribe to premium SMS to get the money. If you see something like that, inform your contacts. Share this article, but avoids falling always into this kind of traps.

Remember that WhatsApp will never add functionality this way. Never to return a string like this of animated emoticons in WhatsApp.

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