Best Whatsapp DP for Love

Whatsapp is most popular mobile application for personal and professional chatting with family, friends, neighbors, relatives, colleagues and many more. Most of persons are using this app for chatting who takes smart phones, tabs and tables. Whatsapp PP (Profile Picture) is most needful for a first impression. Basically an old friend doesn’t know about your mobile number but know your face. I things, you should add your personal funny Whatsapp Profile picture to know easily for your friends. You can also add your Funny Whatsapp PP. according to your situation, you can choose funny Profile picture, you what to add real profile picture or artificial profile picture. This is not matter for anyone who loves you.

Whatsapp PP doesn’t require more than Whatsapp DP (Display Picture). Whatsapp DP is very important role in Whatsapp chatting. There are no needs to write thousand words in Whatsapp to make understand your friends and family. You can do understand by a single DP. Don’t waste your time to write language to express your feeling, emotion to your friends and lover. Just share Whatsapp DP with your lover, Lover can easily understand your feeling and emotion. You have to needed choose right Whatsapp DP to your lover.

I have listed more than 100 Whatsapp DP with various Category, you need to choose the right one for a better relationship. I have already shared Whatsapp Emoticons to express your feeling with your lovers via Emoji Icons. You can do understand by another way, such as Whatsapp DV (Display Video). This is a more effective way to express your feeling with your lover, family, friends and others.

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