Benefits of Creating a Groups in Whatsapp Messenger


app is becomes the most popular messenger in the world. Well in this article we’ll talk about benefits of creating a Groups in Whatsapp Messenger. Well now today’s Smart phone becomes very cheap and everybody have it easily. So if you don’t have smartphone you can buy it from every mobile shop, it’s not so expensive. In addition first of all we’ll read little about this Messenger.

What is Whatsapp App and How We Can Get Benefits?

Whatsapp is an application software especially design for Smart phones and free to use. We can install it only in Smart phones. Well in android version of mobile phones we can easily install it from Google Play Store. And in Apple iPhone we can install it by using our apple store id and for Nokia Smart phones we have Symbian operation system to use it. We can use Whatsapp most of ll for text messages, Group Decisions, Chats, Voice messages, send and receive documents and files. Most noteworthy  we can also use it for audio and video calling with the help of Internet connectivity.

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Whatsapp Family Groups Benefits

First of all create a Group of your family at the name of an elder member of your family and add all the family members in it. Don’t add any extra member except family, in this gathering discuss all about family. Biggest advantage is you will always get updated from your family furthermore share all especially relevant to family like, birth in family, death in family, anybody becomes ill or any things relevant to your family. This is highly request that don’t share any good morning, good night and any other messages because the purpose of this accumulation is to share only relevant family discussions. If you share these types of messages as a resultpeople would left the group.

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Whatsapp Neighborhood Groups Benefits

Create a Whatsapp Neighborhood Group and named it any elder member of your area. And add all the neighbors in it. Share all the problems, news, death or any other informative thing belongs to your neighborhood. Try to bring all the peoples like community you will be always updated from this, if you are near or far or in any other country you will be know everything from Neighborhood.

Whatsapp Masjid Group Benefits

If you are Muslim Create a group of Masjid, if you belongs to any other religion create a bit related to your worship place. And named them a senior of Masjid or other worship place. Because everybody know this person who are living in Masjid (Imam).

Now what you would be share in these gatherings? Share related to Whatsapp groups like, if changes the time of Prayers, any problem in community, any good or bad news from Neighbors.

Whatspp Working Community Benefits

You are Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer, Cook or Driver etc. What is your occupation? Create a Whatsapp group on the name of your occupation like, Hair Cutting, Recipes and Health trust etc. And share things, suggestions, tips and ideas related to occupation.

School or College Whatsapp Community Benefits

You are in school or in college create a one another in the name of your College or school. Probably discuss about subjects, studies, home works, tuition works, school or college activities and many other things especially relevant to your school.

Bonus Tip

Life is so limited don’t waste it. Use your life for the benefits of other peoples, share all the things related to Whatsapp Groups name and topic don’t make it trash and don’t share trash things. Because now todays people have limited time if you share trash thing due to people will be left the groups. These all communities are for opportunities and problem solutions. The biggest benefit will you see that people becomes united.

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