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Group chats are fun but sometimes they just get too annoying. Yesterday I was working on my PC doing some important work and suddenly my phone started continuously vibrating. For a second I though it must be a call, but no those were just continuous notifications from a group chat on WhatsApp. I checked the notification and all I got to see is a stupid pic and some of  my friends making fun of it. It broke my concentration and the flow of work. I muted that group chat because it was just getting worse.

Such situations are definitely annoying for anyone. It affects your productivity. Muting such group chats is the best solution but you also need to unmute it later. After all, you need to keep up with your friends. And, that turns out to be a tedious task for me. Mute and then unmute. So, I just thought what about automating this task.

First I thought of doing it with Tasker. But then I thought let’s first Google it and see if there’s any workaround using an App. And, after a good research, I found one. So, today’s task, we are going to achieve using a tiny little app – Mutifier. Let’s see what it does.

What does Mutifier Do?

Mutifier mutes successive notifications from an app. Or, in other words, disables the ringing sound or the vibration. It takes a specific time interval as input (for example 30 seconds). At the first notification from the app, it will let the phone ring. But after that, if there is any successive notification within 30 seconds then it will be muted.

Thus, you won’t get to hear the notification sound again and again. The notification will be there, but, the sound will be muted. This not only works for WhatsApp but with any application that’s installed on your device. But, I found it to be best useful to complete my task of automatically muting group chats.

Well, it doesn’t exactly work like the mute option in WhatsApp. Mutifier only works when your phone’s screen is off, or in other words – when you’re not using your phone. The developer hasn’t mentioned this in the app description of the Play Store but, I tested it. So, if you’re fine with that then you should proceed with the following guide.

So, let’s see how you can use Mutifier and make it automatically mute group chats on WhatsApp.

How to Automatically Mute Group Chats on WhatsApp using Mutifier

  1. Download Mutifier from Play Store and install it. It requires Android devices running Android 5.0 and above.
  2. Open the app and it will ask you to give Notification Access. Hit OK and allow it to access your notifications. The app won’t read your notification, it only needs to know when the notification occurs.
  3. After you’ve done that, then all you have to do is to just set the time interval. The time interval during which notifications will be muted. 30 seconds was ideal for me.
  4. There’s also a custom mode in which you can select specific applications for whom the notification should be muted. Make sure you have your Chat application selected. In this case, WhatsApp.

Now, all you need to do is to test the application.

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About the Con of this App

As mentioned before, one of the biggest con of this app is that it doesn’t work when the screen is ON. I am damn sure that the developer must have made it to even work when the screen is on. I think I’ll email him and ask him myself. It could even be an error with my device only. However, I’ll update this article when I get a reply from him.

What about the Do Not Disturb Option?

Android has the option called – Do not Disturb in the notification drawer that pretty much mutes everything. You won’t get any notification sound or vibration when it’s turned on. Best useful when you are doing some important task or in a meeting. But, that’s not what I want. I want to be alerted of a chat or an email. But, don’t want continuous vibration or ringing. Mutifier alerts you of the first notification and then mutes successive notifications within specified time interval. And, it’s the best for me.

Impart Your Knowledge

My ultimate aim was to mute down the annoying group chat notifications on WhatsApp when I’m doing my work. And, Mutifier delivered what I wanted. So, let us know your thoughts about this app and is there any other way to achieve this? And also let me know if it works for you when the screen is ON.

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