Like to know if we have blocked whatsapp, there are many reasons for which we can block, one may be that we can fall heavy someone WhatsApp, another because we talk about other things that we are not interested, there are plenty of reasons for what a person wants us to block, but a series exists tracks to find out if that person that you write you you blocked.

Some tips:

Double check

When we wrote to a contact, and see that you never answered, or that get you no messages with the double check we can begin to guess that it has blocked us on WhatsApp. If a contact is blocking us, we can send you a couple of posts by WhatsApp and watching the check of the message. We must bear in mind that a tick means that the message has been successfully submitted, that two ticks means that it has come to the phone, and if they are in blue means that you have read it. If it puts only the messages with a single tick or have no connection and has been able to prevent us our messages by a blockade. If the “double check” after never send lots of messages, you can have blocked us on WhatsApp.

Check out the latest connection time

One of the main signs of that a contact has blocked us is looking at your profile does not appear us last time connection. It is possible that this is due to our contact has marked WhatsApp privacy options

To do this you must open the chat window of WhatsApp contact that we believe that we blocked; just below the name we are looking for the last time he was online within the application, if nothing appears, and only see the name of the contact is one of the symptoms that this user us has been able to block.

The call by WhatsApp

We can use calls to know if they have blocked us in WhatsApp. One option that has been added recently. When a contact us blocked, not going to get our calls, so, if after calling him repeatedly us does not respond, you can tell that we blocked by heavy.

Add contact to a group

You can not add a contact to a group: the only way that the application itself you notify that something “strange” about this contact. To add a contact to a group, you can jump a notice warning that “you don’t have permission to add to this contact”. It probably means that you had a lock on WhatsApp.

Profile update


The last of the ways to tell if a contact has us blocked is to see the update of the profile of the user who we believe that it has not stopped talking. This would confirm if we are unable to check their status changes or changes of photography in the profile of a person. Remember that being kind and not be heavy. I try to not discuss using WhatsApp is the best way to not be blocked. We leave the official response of WhatsApp how know if you blocked on WhatsApp

How can I find me if someone blocking me in your WhatsApp? How to know if you have blocked in WhatsApp

There are few reliable indicators that a contact has blocked you on WhatsApp:

You can no longer see the time last time or online in the chat screen.

You don’t see the updates in their profile picture.

All messages sent to a contact who has blocked you are left with a single tick/Dove (message sent) but you never get the second tick/check (indicating the delivery of the message).

You can not make a call to that person.

If you see that all of the conditions detailed above are met, can the contact you have blocked, but is not an absolute conclusion. In WhatsApp have designed this ambiguous way to protect your privacy if you decide to block a contact. “We cannot confirm if someone you have blocked or not, because it would be a violation of the privacy of that person” says WhatsApp, but if these things, almost certainly you will be blocked, and if met you just discuss.

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