Apple is launching loads of new models of Apple Watch

Apple exec Jeff Williams announced on stage at Apple’s event on Wednesday that the company is doubling down on the Apple Watch, and will launch a selection of new models and straps.

The first new Apple Watch product announced on stage was a strap produced in partnership with luxury brand Hermes. It’s the first third party strap for the Apple Watch that Apple is officially backing and selling in its stores.

Screen Shot 2015 09 09 at 18.14.15 1


The strap loops around your wrist twice, but is also available as a single loop. The main version retails for $1250 (£816), and the single loop goes for $1100 (£715).

Apple also announced a selection of new Apple Watch models. They come in gold and rose gold.

Screen Shot 2015 09 09 at 18.15.23


That wasn’t all that Apple announced for the Apple Watch, though. It also launched a range of new straps in different colours.

Here are the brown, pink, and blue sport band straps:

Apple Watch straps


One of the Apple Watch straps is produced in conjunction with the Project(red) charity, and Apple will donate a portion of the profits to help fund AIDS research.

Apple Watch red


Watch OS2, Apple’s new operating system for the Apple Watch, is being released on September 16. 

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