Animated 3D Emoticons app review


What we have here is a fairly standard emoticon app for iPhone and iPad that has unfortunately disappointed a lot of people who have been unable to see animations when sending them to others online. You might want to look elsewhere for a more worthwhile Emoji icon app.

Based on what I’ve seen of this app so far, and coupled with the terrible feedback it has received from users on the iTunes description page, I’d have to say that this app is almost certainly one you’ll want to avoid.

Animated 3D Emoticons and Stickers

All Shirt, No Trousers

Animated 3D Emoticons for WhatsApp, KIK Messenger, Tango, LINE, BBM, IM+, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Yahoo Messenger Y!, eBuddy, Google+ Hangout, Viber, SnapChat, Texting & Email & Messages & Chat promises a lot but simply fails to deliver on those promises.

The developer boasts a collection of more than 3,500 stickers, animated Emoji icons, and so on, but when it actually comes to sending them to others you’ll be lucky to see any kind of animation.

Animated 3D Emoticons for WhatsApp categorized emoticons

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