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Remove Duplicate Contacts from Android Mobile.

Today Social Networking applications are closely integrated with the smart phones. So that all your social activities are always floating on your smart phone.

Especially Android phones has an ability to synchronize your online buddy list with your mobile. So that all your online contacts then it may be your

1) Gmail Contact Groups 2) Facebook Contacts 3) Twitter Contacts 4) WhatsApp contacts OR Your 5) LinkedIn Contacts

are always synchronized with your mobile contacts (If we have active internet connection).

Obviously this is very very good feature. So that we don’t need to ask a new phone number of our friend (or Girlfriend, If she puted it on Facebook). We can directly get it in your contact list (obviously if we have active internet connection).

But there is one problem, Everybody has multiple accounts that is account on Gmail as well as account on Facebook and Twitter so that we have multiple entries for same contact in our Mobile contact list. Obviously we have solution for that. You can merge contacts of same person. That is if your contact list have different entries for Gmail, Facebook and Twitter for same person then you can put it together in one single contact.

You need one application “Go contacts”. Obviously you can do it without any application from your default contact application but Go Contacts provides powerful and simple search option so that you can able to find all those duplicate contacts and easily merge it. How…? You will get it from following screen shots.

Obviously you can do it from default android contact application using Join Contact option.

Your contact is mearged. But here you have to find Duplicate contacts manually.

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