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Are You Chatting Away Your Mobile Data?

In a previous post, we explored Android’s 10 most popular social networking apps and their mobile data consumption. Continuing the mobile data usage series, today’s post will be dedicated to examining Android’s 10 best communication apps. Nowadays means of communication are steering towards cross-platform communication applications with mobile messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger; Android e-mail apps such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail; and mobile web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox , to name a few. Mobile communication apps allow us to actively engage in real-time with others wherever, whenever, all at the cost of a portion of our monthly mobile data plan.

With this in mind, it is important to see how your preferred method of mobile transmission measure up. Below are the top 10 best Android communication apps globally with the corresponding average mobile data usage.

  1. Line Data Consumption: 4.30 MB/day Line, a global messaging app most popular in Southeast Asia that is distinguished for their free messages, voice, video calls, and especially endless variety of stickers (Brown and Cony, anyone?); drains the highest amount of average mobile data per day. Line’s stickers may be endless – until your data runs out.

  2. Chrome Data Usage: 2.27 MB/day Coming in second place is Google’ web browser, Chrome for Android, consuming 2.27 MB of your data plan daily.

  3. Yahoo Mail Average Data Usage: 1.75 MB/day Coming in third place in highest average data consumption is Yahoo Mail, eating 1.75 MB of mobile data per day.

  4. KakaoTalk Average Data Consumption: 1.53 MB/day KakaoTalk, a global mobile messaging application popular in South Korea, is very similar to Line in many ways. The only difference is KakaoTalk depletes 2.8 times less of your mobile data.

  5. Mozilla Firefox Data Consumption: 1.33 MB/day Firefox for Android mobile uses 1.71 times less data than Chrome, allowing you to surf the web freely without having to worry about depleting your monthly data usage.

  6. WhatsApp Messenger Data Usage: 0.79 MB/day Acquired by Facebook, WhatsApp is the largest cross-platform mobile messaging app, exhausting 0.79 MB of your data plan per day. The one thing to consider is whether WhatsApp is worth $0.99 after the first the year.

  7. Viber Average Data Consumption: 0.29 MB/day Recognizable from their purple user-interface, the mobile messaging app uses only 0.29 MB of mobile data per day.

  8. Facebook Messenger Data Usage: 0.27 MB/day Now a full-platform, standalone app, Facebook Messenger expends only 0.27 MB of daily mobile data, 290% less daily data when compared to Facebook’s WhatsApp Messenger.

  9. Gmail Average Data Consumption: 0.15 MB/day The Google based email platform utilizes 11.46 times less mobile data daily than Yahoo Mail—maybe it’s time to switch.

  10. Google Hangouts Data Usage: 0.04 MB/day Of the top 10 Android communication apps, Google Hangout takes the trophy for the least amount of data consumed, exhausting a mere 0.04 MB of data daily. This is surprising considering Google Hangouts provides free messaging, video calls, and phone calls to other Hangouts users.

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