AirDroid v3.1.2 Update, You Can Reply to WhatsApp

Have you ever missed the messages from your loved ones? Maybe you leave the phone charging, or you forget it in the next room or any other reasons. The result is you fail to reply him/her promptly. You know, the feeling of being ignored may lead to a disaster XD

airdroid-don't keep here waiting

You probably know you can mirror all app notifications of your phone to the computer with the help of AirDroid. Then, how about replying to the notifications directly? AirDroid v3.1.2 makes it possible to reply to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages from AirDroid Win/Mac client!


How to Reply WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages?

1. Enable Notification Mirror service in AirDroid Settings > Notification Mirror 2. Click Reply when you get a pop up of WhatsApp/Facebook Messenger message, enter your words and click Send.

Dora whatsapp


This feature requires Android 4.4 +

Only WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are supported now (More apps are on the way)

Improvements on AirMirror

In this version, the connection stability of AirMirror has been significantly improved. And anyone experiencing bad resolution of AirMirror should get a much more clear screen.


AirDroid v3.1.2 Changelog

New feature: Reply to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger messages from notifications directly. (Win & Mac clients)

Bug fixes & improvements: 1. Improved the connection stability of AirMirror. 2. Improved the smoothness and image quality of AirMirror. 3. Other bug fixes and improvements.

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