Add a New Person to a Group Message on iPhone


Group messaging is a great feature that makes conversations with multiple people much easier, but what if you want to add someone else to an existing group chat from iOS? No sweat, you can quickly add a new contact (or several) to a group message conversation from your iPhone or iPad with a few easy steps.

You’ll obviously need to be in the Messages app to do this, and you’ll want to have an preexisting group conversation going that you can add a new person to. Here’s how this works to bring about a new contact to a group chat:

  1. From any existing Group Message, tap the “Details” button in the upper right corner
    Details button in group Chat Messages
  2. Under the names of people included in the Group chat, tap on the “+ Add Contact” button
    Add a contact to the group chat in Messages app of iOS
  3. Tap on a contact to add that user to the group message
    Adding this person to a group conversation in Messages for iOS
  4. Tap “Done” or repeat as necessary to add additional users to the group chat

Once a person is added they’ll be included in all future conversations as long as they’re in the group, unless they leave the group chat themselves or you remove them. When you send a new message to the group, that new person will be now be added to those future message threads (and no, they can not see the prior messages and conversation).

Of course if you’re on the receiving end of this and you’ve been added to a group chat that you don’t really care to be a part of at some point, you can always opt to mute the group conversation and all messages pertaining to it or simply leave the group chat yourself.

Adding contacts to a group conversation like this is kind of like a text based conference call, use it the next time you’re trying to arrange plans or converse with multiple people at once, it’s great.


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