A Smarter ThinkPad

One of Russ Compton’s roles is to ensure Lenovo’s most popular laptops stay at the top of all the latest technologies. His latest endeavor – bringing a smart combo pack of souped-up graphics and long battery life to ThinkPad T Series.

Do you Optimus? ThinkPad Does Now.

Lenovo’s T Series laptops (T410, T410s and T510) are the first business class laptops to offer NVIDIA’s Optimus Technology.  We live in a multimedia world, and our jobs demand us to be as productive as possible.  Sometimes we’re working on something simple like email, then the next thing you know we’re building a visually intensive PowerPoint presentation. If you’re like me, you even shoot and edit video from time to time.  This level of production can really put a crunch on battery life.  Before now, you had to choose a laptop that either delivered high performance or offered longer battery life.  With NVIDIA Optimus Technology you can choose both. Results. We worked with our in house labs to perform benchmark tests on a T410s running the new Optimus technology versus older discrete and switchable technologies.  MobileMark tests showed the Optimus technology delivered up to 33% better battery life over the discrete only mode. That’s more than one hour battery life improvement per charge: 4:41 minutes to 3:31 minutes of heavy testing run time on the industry standard benchmark. It always happens that I run out of juice right at a critical point in my work – an hour makes a difference.

Hybrid Technology Not Just For Cars Anymore So how does Optimus work?  Just like a hybrid car.  Actually, it works just like a hybrid “sports” car.  You have one mode for highway cruising and the other mode is for quick starts and fast accelerations.  One mode saves battery and the other quickly delivers ultimate performance that you can only get from a high performance machine. Have you been to the car lot lately?  Savvy shoppers are walking past gas-guzzling vehicles  to shop for more fuel efficient ones.  What if on one tank of gas you could drive the fast paced M6 BMW just as far as the standard fuel efficient BMW sedan.  What about your everyday commute?  This is why Optimus is a game changer for ThinkPad T Series. T Series laptops with NVIDIA graphics ship with two GPU’s.  The integrated GPU offers better battery life, and the NVIDIA GPU gives you top performance. Optimus technology lets your laptop automatically switch between GPU’s so you get performance when you need it and save battery life when you don’t. The whole process is automatic, instantaneous and seamless. You won’t even know it’s running in the background.

So why the T Series?

Many business pros have to be mobile, and they often need that extra boost in performance to stay as productive as possible.  Their work is not done until they say it’s done. The T Series laptops are perfect for this kind of user.  The T410s is ultra-thin and light, starting under 4lbs and also has the high performing NVIDIA NVS 3100m system graphics.  Here is a great video on how ThinkPad with NVIDIA Optimus technology can make you more productive. 

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