8 Unbeatable WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks you must know about!

WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks:

Want to know what amazing you can do with your little green companion: WhatsApp? Then you are at the right place!

WhatsApp has become one of the most important utility in our day-to-day life. All we need are the WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks through which we can chat like a pro.

Here are some lesser known best WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks that are going to amaze you!

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WhatsApp Tricks and Hacks

Have a Look:

Trick 1. Surprise everyone with your new virtual U.S. Phone Number(Free)

Get registered yourself in Primo app using your email address and mobile number and get a virtual US phone number for Free.

Using that US phone number, register on WhatsApp and verify it with ‘Call Me’ option instead of receiving a text message.

You are now ready to shock everyone with this amazing WhatsApp trick.

Get the App here:

For Android Users


For ios Users:

Primo Connect
Primo Connect

Trick 2. Use WhatsApp as your Personal Cloud Storage

Create a WhatsApp Group and add any one of your friend and then remove him.

Now you will be the only participant of the group and you will be able to store anything in it.

Just send personal documents or files to that group and that’s it

Isn’t it Simple?

Trick 3. Pin your special ones to the top

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Now you need not worry about scrolling your conversations list to search for your special ones.

You can easily pin the most important chats to the top of WhatsApp so that next time you would not miss any urgent message from them or from that group.

Simply tap and hold on the conversation whom you want to pin

Select the pin option at the top and you’re ready.

*You can pin only 3 chats at most.

Trick 4. Hide the Blue Ticks (Read Receipts)

Hide the blue ticks and prevent others from assuming that you are ignoring them.

Go to: –

Settings>>Account>>Privacy>>Read Receipts

Disable the Read receipts feature by removing the tick.

Remember, after disabling it, both the sender and receiver will not be able to see each other’s read receipts.

Trick 5. Bomb your WhatsApp Groups with Spam Messages

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Send 1000s of messages at a time through WhatsApp Bombing. Just write the message and amount, the remaining is in the hands of WhatsApp bomber app. However, it can easily crash other’s WhatsApp if the amount chosen is too large.

Pranksters use this method to hang their friend’s mobile phones.

To Download WhatsApp Ultimate Bomber Apk Click Here.

Has someone sent you a PJ (Poor Joke) on WhatsApp, send him an unamused face emoji in 1000s and let him know his mistake.

Is your WhatsApp Group filled with Birthday Wishes? Reply them with Thanks in the same amount.

Trick 6. Change the Font Style in WhatsApp (Typing Tricks)

Bold the Text

Just place * (Asterisk) before and after the word which you want to bold.

Italicise the text

Just add _ (Underscore) on either side of the word to tilt it.

Strikethrough the text

Just put ~ (tilde) character before and after the text to strikethrough it.

Change the Font Type

Put “` (Triple Backquotes) to change the font type in WhatsApp.

Trick 7. Save the WhatsApp Status story of Others

WhatsApp lacks feature to save story of others in our device. Just view them, reply them or ignore them.

But if you want to save status story of others just download this easy to use app and you will be able to do so.

*Only for Android Users*

Status Saver for Whatsapp
Status Saver for Whatsapp

Trick 8. Hide your WhatsApp Photos and Videos from Gallery

Do you want to hide your WhatsApp media files from Gallery? Just follow these steps

  • Go to File Manager>>WhatsApp>>Media
  • Rename the folder WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Videos to .WhatsApp Images and .WhatsApp Videos respectively.
  • This will hide the folders from File Managers and these will not be visible in your phone Gallery.

To bring them back:

  • Go to File Manager>>WhatsApp>>Media
  • Click on the three dots
  • Select Show hidden files option.
  • Rename the folders .WhatsApp Images and .WhatsApp Videos back to WhatsApp Images and WhatsApp Videos respectively.
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