7 Best WhatsApp Spy Apps for Android and iPhone

WhatsApp Spy is now a necessary tool that parents, companies and any individuals who needs to monitor the Whatsapp activities of their benefactors. Bullying or secret communications with competitors may be taking place not just by phone or text message, but through WhatsApp as well.  This app enables one to access details of WhatsApp accounts of their children and employees. For instance, you can get the contact of their chat buddies and access their photos and videos.

Is it legal to Use WhatsApp Spy?

The word spying, for most people, already connotes something illegal but that is not usually the case. Monitoring WhatsApp accounts is legal within certain limits. For instance, it is legal for parents to spy on the WhatsApp accounts of their children and dependents provided that they are minors.

Companies can also make use of WhatsApp spy apps on the phones of their employees provided the company owns such phones and that the employees are made aware of the activity. There are many cases where employees sign contracts stating that the company reserves the right to monitor them. Their online privacy is therefore handed over to the administration of the workplace for purposes of productivity.

Illegal WhatsApp spy may take the form of couples trying to detect if either of them is cheating and crooks trying to steal sensitive information from WhatsApp conversations. In these situations, permission is not sought, and therefore they register as a violation of privacy.

Best Whatsapp Spy Apps

mSpy — this one of the most popular WhatsApp spy app and it comes with many other additional features that can be used to monitor other phone activities effectively. For it instance, it can be used to view the call log history, check text emails and text messages of the target phone. It also has a Geo-fencing feature which acts as a virtual barrier so that when a device enters the defined boundaries, you receive a notification. mSpy can also be used to delete information from the target phone if it happens to be stolen. To know more, you can read my mSpy review or visit their website at https://www.mspy.com.

iKeyMonitor—this mobile WhatsApp spy helps to keep track of WhatsApp conversations in any phone it is installed. It takes the screen shot of the phone at any interval that may be specified. It is password protected to prevent unauthorized access. Discover more at https://ikeymonitor.com.

MobiStealth—this mobile spy app is used to monitor WhatsApp conversations, and also track the location of the target phone. Apart from being a WhatsApp spy app, it can also be used to monitor the web history of the target phone, and also to read text messages on the phone. Check their website at http://www.mobistealth.com.

HoverWatch—it is very much like the other WhatApp spy apps. But it includes features that enable a photo to be taken any time the target phone is unlocked. It can also be used to detect sim card removal. More at http://keyloggers.mobi/go/hoverwatch/.

Highster Mobile—this WhatsApp spy app can be used to spy WhatsApp messages and keep track of photos and videos that are exchanged during the conversation. It can also be used to check the contact log of the target device and to monitor online activity. More info at http://highstermobile.com.

FlexiSPY—just as the name implies, FlexiSpy is one of the most flexible spy apps in the market. It can be used to spy on Whatsapp conversations and also to intercept calls, and then listen and record them. It can also be used to establish the passwords of the target phone. More information about FlexiSPY at https://www.flexispy.com.

Spyera—it is an app that is used to carry out Whatsapp hacks on people’s online accounts. It is a very flexible software that can be used to spy on computers, phones, and tablets. It tracks WhatsApp messages, calls, and text messages. More details at https://spyera.com.


The choice of the right WhatsApp spy app largely depends on what ones needs are. Identify your needs and choose the app that best suits you.

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