6 Most Wanted Features Coming to Whatsapp Android and iOS Soon

The development team behind Whatsapp had been meticulously working hard to introduce a lot of features to the app so as to make it more intuitive, user friendly and bring different people onboard – both professional and casual users.

Being able to share location when you need it the most is an important update coming to Whatsapp Android and iOS editions soon. Friends can make use of this feature to to find someone who is waiting in a public spot, it can be used to keep your near and dear ones safe when they travel alone or can also be used in business meetings when different people should come together at the same spot. Once you switch on GPS, the feature will share your location to a specific person or a group as required.

Whatsapp at the moment has many limitations on file types that you could send and will also support popular formats for photos and videos. The developers are working to remove this restriction so that people who use it as their primary means of communication can send more than just PDF programs. Soon, you will be able to send complicated media types and official files with codes or design layouts through the app. As like many other features, this is yet again targeted towards attracting more professional users onboard.

Lossless Image Compression

Delete for Everyone

Following the path of Twitter and Facebook, Whatsapp on iOS and Android will soon receive verified business seal. Rather than keeping it as a personal communication medium, the team wants to convert it into a platform of choice for marketing campaigns. In order to avoid spam, they will soon roll out verified business option so that popular brands and service providers can verify their authenticity. It also allows companies to provide better customer service to their patrons by being prompt and easily available whenever they need assistance.

In the near future, you will be able to see who is calling or messaging you with the help of Whatsapp contact card. Unidentified contacts sometimes waste a lot of time and you may even miss to reply to important messages. When you click on the contact card of an unknown number, it will provide the information available in their database.

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