6 Chrome Extensions for Improving Your WhatsApp Web Experience

WhatsApp Web has been around for a while now. While the company has consistently made its new updates available on the messaging service’s desktop counterpart, its rest of the feature set is rather quite limited for a web application. Like every other web service, however, there are third-party tools you can plug in for improving the experience. Hence, in this article, we discuss a couple of such Google Chrome extensions.


Hide Media

This is a nifty little Chrome extension that, as the name suggests, hides any incoming images or videos. The app doesn’t actually prevent the download, it merely blurs the media until you hover over it. Unintuitively called “Hide Media”, it’s an essential tool for someone who doesn’t want to seen chuckling at cat memes at his/her workplace. “Hide Media” is free and you can download it from the link down below.


Chrome Web Store Link

WhatsApp Colors

“WhatsApp Colors and Features” is a free extension which lets you set a custom shade for every element of WhatsApp Web. You can apply separate colors, for instance, to the chat list on the left and the top bar. The extension also allows customizing the text colors for various sections of the interface. If you’re anything like me, you can go for a dark background with white text.


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WhatsApp Web Incognito

Ever wanted to disable your read receipts and last seen status without having to miss out on others? Well, with this extension, now you can. “WhatsApp Web Incognito” literally makes you incognito on WhatsApp. Therefore, you’ll be able to check your friends’ read receipts and last seen but no one will able to see yours. Moreover, the app also comes with a timer setting which automatically blue-ticks a read message after a specified period of time. In this period, however, the extension will even display a cancel button in case you change your mind. “WhatsApp Web Incognito” is entirely free of cost as well and you can download it from the link down below.


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If you regularly talk through voice clips on WhatsApp, Zapp is a must-have tool to have. It adds an option for tweaking the recording’s pace and volume in Chrome’s toolbar. Hence, you can now listen to all those clips without the pauses in between.


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WAToolkit is a free extension that sends you notifications for WhatsApp messages in the background even when there’s no active window on your browser. It also updates the extension’s icon with the number of unread messages you have. Hovering over this icon lets you glance over the pending messages. It’s free as well.


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WhatsDock is another free extension for businesses that rely on WhatsApp for contacting their customers. For starters, it lets you directly send messages to people who are not on your contact list on WhatsApp. More importantly, it integrates with various CRM platforms like Contacts, SumaCRM, Intercom and allows one to send text messages to numbers in the database on the CRM app itself. Furthermore, you can also color-code chats.


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