30 People Who Had The PERFECT Response To A Wrong Number Text.

Once, a stranger kept texting me, insisting that I was a person named “Dina.” I’m not Dina, and I tried to tell text that. They wouldn’t listen, but as they texted me more and more, I began to feel bad for Dina: The person that wanted to get ahold of her was really, really angry with her. Finally, I responded to the person with a picture of myself holding a sign that said “LEAVE DINA ALONE.”

The person never contacted me again.

My wrong number text story could definitely make it to this list, where people have gotten even more creative with their responses than you ever thought possible. In this day and age, saying “sorry, wrong number” is just too boring. Why not make the experience at least a little bit entertaining?

I laughed out loud at “I’m sorry, Pedro,” and #17 will bring you to tears.















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