3 Ways to Lock WhatsApp with Password or Pattern on Android

Have you been thinking much about protecting your privacy? Because Even though WhatsApp is a massive mobile instant messaging service in the world, there are no ways to protect our conversation with a password in their app. Don’t worry about this matter anymore. I have listed three easy Ways to Lock WhatsApp on your Android phone.

Nowadays, we are frequently used WhatsApp for keep in touching with our friends and families, and it has used not only for the personal conversation, but it also used for business purposes and many other things. Therefore, we can’t leave the WhatsApp without protecting them.

However, one of the best WhatsApp alternative Viber has a feature to hide and unhide chats with password protection. Likewise, Telegram also has the same feature. But there is no any official method to protect WhatsApp with a password or pattern lock so far. It may happen in the future though we can use a third-party app to lock our WhatsApp application until it will happen officially.

Ways to lock WhatsApp with Password

According to WhatsApp faq page, WhatsApp says “WhatsApp does not have any password system built into the app” and they also suggest to use a third-party app. In my experience below apps are good enough to fulfill this matter.

1. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is modified version of WhatsApp, it is an unofficial version, though it gives the bunch of features to WhatsApp users including password protection feature. Additionally, you can use this app to maintain another WhatsApp account on an Android Phone.  And it isn’t available to download in Google Play store despite we can download APK file of GBWhatsApp and install it on our Android phone.

How to Lock WhatsApp with GBWhatsApp

Step 1: First of all, download and install GBWhatsApp using above link.

Step 2: Once you installed it, open the app from app drawer.


Step 3: Tap the three-dot menu button at the top right corner of the app.


Step 4: Nevigate to GB setting > Lock > Enable passcode.


Step 5: Assign a password.

How to Lock individual chat in WhatsApp

Step 1: Download and Open the GBWhatsApp.

Step 2: Open a chat that you wish to Lock.


Step 3: Tap the three-dot menu button at the top right corner of individual chatting page


Step 4: Tap “Lock Chat > Enable passcode.”


Step 5: Set a password as your wish.

2. Lock For WhatsApp

Lock for WhatsApp is an Android application, formally known as “WhatsLock,” which offers many features to WhatsApp users such as WhatsApp Fake cover, Hide icon, Drunk mode, Hide image folders, Pattern or password lock for WhatsApp and much more. So we can use this app for Lock WhatsApp application.

Way to lock WhatsApp with WhatsLock

Step 1: Download “WhatsLock” using this link.

Step 2: Open the “WhatsLock” app from app drawer.


Step 3: Find “Pattern Lock” under the “Authentication Method” section.


Step 4: Then “turn on” the button that next to the “Enabled Pattern Lock.”


Step 5: Finally, Set a Pattern or Password.

3. ChatLock+

ChatLock+ is a handy app to lock all messenger applications that installed on our Android phone. Such as Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, Telegram, Twitter, Google Plus and so on. And it also offers Shake to lock, Auto lock, Intruder detection and such other cool features.

Here is the way to lock WhatsApp messenger using “ChatLock+” app.

Step 1: Download and install “ChatLock+” app for your Android phone using this link.

Step 2: Then Open the “ChatLock+” app, when the first launch it will ask you to set a password.


Step 3: Set a password and go to next page.


Step 4: Now “turn on” on the button next to “WhatsApp.”

That’s All.

Final Verdict

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