3 Easy Steps To Install WhatsApp On PC Laptop

How to install whatsapp on pc laptop 2014

WhatsApp is a cross-platform application which runs on various mobile device OS like Android , Symbian , Windows(mobile) and Blackberry. It cannot work directly on Windows Xp/7/8 or Mac. But you can learn here, how to download whatsapp for laptop and pc and install it on your favorite OS. Let you know a bit about Bluestacks Whatsapp for this process.

Install WhatsApp on PC Step by Step


  • Basic knowledge of how to install softwares on PC or Laptop.
  • An active mobile connection.
  • A working sufficiently fast internet connection that’s it.

We will require an emulator like Bluestacks for running android apps. It works like virtual android device on your PC.

Follow these simple steps to enjoy instant messaging and chat experience on your PC.

*Installing Bluestacks ‘the emulator’:-



Download free application Bluestacks app player for Windows OS or Mac from its official website. Step2: Install it on your PC by double clicking it and wait until installation process completes. Keep in mind that complete installation process requires active internet connection so do not disconnect from internet. Step3: Open Bluestacks application by double clicking its icon on Desktop for first time. Let the application to download and install included apps. This can take few minutes.

*Installing WhatsApp on Laptop & PC:-

Step1:- Once the Bluestacks starts it will prompt you for quick tour and after it appstore will initialize. Sign in using your google account to enable appstore. Step2: After logging in click on search icon in Bluestacks window at the upper-right corner. Type “WhatsApp” in searchbox. Install the app.


whatsapp install

Open app “WhatsApp” in Bluestacks by finding it ‘All Apps’ icon.

Step4: In app welcome click on “Agree and Continue” button.

Step5: In next window select your country and enter your mobile no. and click on “OK”.

Step6: As you click on “OK” a small popup window appears, choose edit if you want to edit your mobile no. otherwise click on “OK”.

Step7:Let the app complete SMS verification process. It will show error for SMS verification method. Verify using calling option by clicking on “Call me ” button. Wait for voice call.

Step8: Receive the call enter the six digit code that you hear in into the box.

Step9:Click on next. Add a name and profile picture for you. Add contacts or invite your friends and have fun. Thus, you got the right way, how to install whatsapp on laptop and pc.

Happy Chatting!!!

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