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Best WhatsApp DP and Sad Images Free Download in HD

Feeling sad is one of the worst the feeling but this is feeling makes you strong if you take it seriously and start working towards and make it positive. That’s why today we are going to share sad profile pictures images and WhatsApp DP with you so that you can express your feeling to the world and specially to the person who made you sad.

Sad Images Free Download in HD

Here is the rich collection of Sad Images and Feel free to download give sad images in high definitions. scroll down to browse sad images with quotes and messages written on it which can describe your mood or emotion clearly.

Collection Of Sad DP Profile Pictures and Images

You can easily express your feeling by using those images and profile pictures as your Facebook or WhatsApp DP and tell to your family member, relatives or girlfriend/boyfriend that you’re sad and you need help related to same. Also, visit sad Whatsapp status

Words hurt more than anything else can, because they last, sometimes forever.

I’m sick of feeling like I’m my only friend.

Sadness does not come from bad circumstances. It comes from bad thoughts.

They say pain will go away…How long does it take? Six years later and I’m still not okay.

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The idea is to die young as late as possible.

Time doesn’t heal wounds, it just makes them old enough that you get used to the pain.

Best WhatsApp DP

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Sad DP For Whatsapp

“Nothing hurts more than realizing you hurt the one you care most about.”

I might not be the best but i’ll be the best to love you more than anyone else

The people that can laugh the most have been hurt the most.

Sad Pics

When you laugh all people laugh with you. But when you cry you cry alone.

I wish I was as invisible as you make me feel.

Remind yourself, it’s okay not to be perfect.

The saddest thing in the world is having to live with no one by your side.

No matter how flat the coin is! It will always have two sides. Enjoy life Because in the long run we all die!

I love walking in the rain because nobody knows I’m crying

The scars you can’t see are the hardest to heal.

Sad Images with Sad Status

  • The busy bee does not have time for sorrow.
  • Sad time! It is easier to disintegrate an atom than a prejudice.
  • I prefer to suffer for abstinence than to suffer for a love that never existed.
  • If someone let u go just coz of minor things, then so be it! U deserve more than what they could give u!
  • The saddest hours of life are those in which we doubt ourselves.
  • I’m sad of an absurd sadness. Very sad. I can hardly bear it, but it does.
  • To be sad is natural, but to bear heartache is the worst of misfortunes!
  • I feel so far away from the one I wish to hold in my arms.
  • Time doesn’t really Heal the heart.It just makes the heart forget all the pain.
  • She is the kind of girl who is always smiling and loves to laugh
  • All these days, I thought that u will be the reason for my smile. But I was dead wrong.
  • I just want to fall asleep until I don’t miss you anymore.
  • The worst thing is knowing that u r the reason for the tears of a loved one.
  • It hurts when the person who u think really understands u does not.
  • U mean the world to me. I wish I had told that to her ten years earlier. ?
  • Being backstabbed by ur own friends is the worst thing ever.
  • My silence is just another word for pain!
  • I love music videos, I really do. I think it’s kind of sad that it’s a dying art form.
  • Why do we always want what we can’t have?
  • Did I change or did u just stop loving me?
  • You are the controller of ur own happiness. Just don’t give that control to someone and lose it.
  • I Feel I’m missing, something in my life these days.
  • He told me that I was his world and I meant everything to him. I guess that was only till he found a better world for himself. For more Sad WhatsApp Status

Sad Images For Whatsapp DP

It’s hard to forget someone, who gave you so much to remember.

Nothing is more sad than the death of an illusion. All you ever did was make me cry. May be one day you will realize that you had a good girl in your life.

Seeing people change isn’t what hurts. What hurts is remembering who they used to be.

Seeing people change isn’t what hurts. What hurts is remembering who they used to be.

I always miss you until you’re here.

I am mad for her but why am I not made for her?

Life is life: no short cuts no nothing. We have to go through it all

Spiteful words can hurt your feelings, But silence breaks the heart

My pain turned to sadness and my sadness to anger. My anger grew into hate and I have forgotten how to smile.

Got to keep myself calm but the truth is you’re gone and I’ll never get to show you these songs. – The script.

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I love my past, I love my present. I am not ashamed of what I have had, and I am not sad because I no longer have it.

There is nothing sadder than the moment you realize what could have been…

Everyone wants to be happy, no one wants to be in pain but you can’t have a rainbow without any rain.

I don’t run away I walk away slowly and it kills me to know you don’t care enough to follow me.

“I am sad” is such an under- statement to what I’m feeling.

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The day you think there is no improvements to be made is a sad one for any player.

I like these quotes. A lot of bad things have been happening to me, and I think that they are making me feel better..

“I’ll be okay is that what you want to say?” :'(

“Be careful who you fall in love with, cause someone somewhere not approve.” ?

Love is like broken glass…better to leave it broken than hurt yourself trying to fix it…

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We expect that this article was very helpful and we know that you guys are enough strong to overcome this sad feeling. Don’t feel sad life cures everything. You just have to say thanks to God for everything and start thinking positive what you have.

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