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As We already know WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging app throughout the world and it is also one of the best medium to keep in touch with your family, friends and relatives WhatsApp has one of the most amazing features Whatsapp Profile Pic and Whatsapp DP.  People are always looking for a platform to express themselves and what better platform than Whatsapp to express yourself. Here we have formulated for you the best collection of profile pictures to express your feelings.


Free Download Whatsapp Profile Pic and DP

Do u know what is good for eye other than vitamin A?? Minding ur own business!!

Don’t go looking for a spark in ur relationship. Remember a spark will wear out anytime!!

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Instead of searching for a spark in ur relationship, look out for stability! Coz the spark is not gonna last for long!

Don’t expect the spark to always remain in ur relationship! At times, u got to create one when needed!

If you can’t find nice people in this world, just be one instead of blaming the world.

Be like the waves of the ocean. They wash ur feet making u happy in the process and expect nothing in return!

It all boils down to that one smile of yours. That really makes my day!

WhatsApp Profile Pic Life

Yes confidence is a must but too much of anything is not good!

No matter how much I fight or argue with you, I will always love you!

Do u know what else is bad for ur teeth other than cavities? NOT minding ur own business!!

Light destroys darkness! In the same way, love destroys hate!

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Romantic DP for Whatsapp

U cannot kill hate with hate! U can do that only with love, it’s called neutralization.

I know that u r looking at my DP now. It shows how jobless you are! ?

If u do not like me, so be it! That does not give u any rights to gossip abt me!!

Instead of being a gossip factory, start being an idea factory! U will achieve a lot more in life!

Instead of wasting ur time gossiping about others, spend that time on self-improvement!

Whatsapp profile pic love couple

Bring a smile to someone’s face and the universe will bring one on urs!

You mean the world to me!I wish u felt the same way about me!

Love is the most powerful weapon that can conquer anything in this universe!

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That one look from my furry friend is enough to turn my legs into jelly.

A woman’s heart is like the depths of an ocean. The deeper u go, the lesser u can see!

According to science, a bumblebee can’t fly coz its wings is smaller than its body. But it does, coz it did not give a damn abt others theories. Be like a bumble bee!!

If someone calls u a potato, no problem! Potato wedges and french fries come from potatoes and they r freaking delicious!!

Many ppl say that life shd be as sweet as honey! I say life must be like salt coz it makes every damn thing delicious!!

No matter what happens, just believe in urself! Life will be smooth once u start believing in urself!

DP for Whatsapp latest

We hope you loved all these profile pictures and that they helped you express your feelings. We are always committed to that.

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