2 Simple Ways to Spy on WhatsApp Account of Someone Else

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Since inception of WhatsApp, users are always in need to enter into the privacy of someone else and find out what’s going on another account. Whether you call it distrust or curiosity, it is sure that this application is able to reveal every truth.  You can keep an eye on all the secret conversations of your victim on his or her Whatsapp. The best part of this software is that it keeps your account hidden. It works in hidden way and avoids getting revealed to anyone, even the victim.

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1.    Uninstall your WhatsApp. 2.    Now you are required to get Media Access Control (MAC) address of the victim. In different operating systems, the ways of searching for MAC address are different. Here are the ways to get MAC address of the victim – a.     For Android users – Go through Settings – About Phone – Status and Wi-Fi Mac address. b.    For iPhone user – Go through Settings – General – About and Wi-Fi address c.    For Windows – Go through Settings – About – More Info and Mac Address. d.    For Blackberry users – Go through Options – Device – Device & Status Info – WLAN MAC.

4.    Now you can install your WhatsApp on your Android device. Enter the phone number of your victim and verify it by giving the verification code sent by Whatsapp on your victim’s smart phone.

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