2 Methods to Post Long WhatsApp Status Videos {without rooting}

Last modified on August 21st, 2017

There are two simple ways to set very long status videos. The methods are very trivial and all you need is some bytes of internet. I let you know how to post long status videos via whatsapp using rooting also, in the tutorial.

 2 Methods to Post Long Whatsapp Status Videos

  • Online Whatsapp Status Video Splitters
  • Whatsapp Video Optimizers

To put a check the status video time limit of 30 seconds, you can split your video into parts of 30 seconds each. Then you can set the videos as your whatsapp story. You don’t need to install any app on your android/iphone. You can just use your Google Chrome browser on your android. You can use Safari on your iPhone 6s/6S Plus to post long status videos on whatsapp.

Method#2 : Using Whatsapp Video Compressors

Video Compressors for android :

Video Compressors for iOS/iPhone:

You can now screen your android phone to computer using vysor chrome app. You can also mirror whatsapp to a windows PC using Whatsapp Desktop app.

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