2 Easy Ways to avoid Sharing Whatsapp Data With Facebook

Last modified on August 21st, 2017

Post acquisition, Whatsapp Desktop and Web version allowed you to use Whatsapp on PC without using your Android/ iPhone or iPad. Users tried to activate same whatsapp account on two phones, though, it’s unofficial. You can also install Facebook Lifestage app for Android to give a try.

You can use second whatsapp account on same phone using  Parallel Space Multi Accounts app. Install Parallel Space and use two whatsapp accounts on same Android/iPhone. You can also try whatsapp without using bluestacks on Windows 10/8.1 or windows 7.

You can now save your whatsapp status videos and also circumvent 30 seconds status video limit of whatsapp.

How to stop sharing Whatsapp Data/ Phone Number with Facebook

2 Methods to opt-out of the Whatsapp-Facebook policy:

  • This is the easy method to stop whatsapp sharing data with facebook.
  • On coming across the whatsapp T&C screen on android/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch,  tap on the ” ^ ” arrow to opt out the policy of sharing whatsapp information with facebook.
  • Uncheck the option to stop sharing whatsapp data like phone  number to show customised facebook adverts.
  • Then Press “Agree” and It’s Done.
  • Go to Whatsapp “Settings by using the three circles on top right hand side of the screen.
  • Then Tap on the “Account”  to get options
  • Uncheck the “Share my Account info” checkbox
  • You would get a pop up asking to opt-out of “sharing whatsapp account information with facebook”. Tap on “Don’t Share”
  • Once, you stop sharing whatsapp data using this method, you can’t share your account information in future. This is one-time rejection policy.
  • You get a popup showing that “Your account info won’t be used to improve your facebook ads and product experiences”
  • Now, FB cannot use your account details like your Whatsaapp phone number and last seen time to show customised facebook advertisements.

I hope that this whatsapp tutorial is quite easy to work with and get back to us if you face any problems in opting out the whatsapp data-sharing policy and sharing your phonenumber with FB.

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