17 WhatsApp Hacks to Turn you into a Messaging Master

If you’re the sort of person who sends and receives images you’d rather your friends didn’t stumble across, you probably don’t want them saved just two swipes from last night’s party pics in your camera roll.

There’s an easy way to avoid accidental image embarrassment though. In Settings > Chats

you can toggle the Save Incoming Media tab. Now you can share smutty snaps with little fear of reprise.

9. Save your data allowance from meme-spam

WhatsApp data usage

To enable these data-saving ways on iOS, all you need to do is go Settings > Data Usagewhere you’ll be able to assign download methods per content type. On Android things are a little different. You’re offered all the same options, but you’ll have to go Settings > Chats and Calls > Media Auto-Download to find them.

10. Turn your best mate into a WhatsApp-themed app


A long press on the desired chat will launch a menu of options, including the ‘Add chat shortcut’ tab. And that’s it: you can now share your selfies and oddball chatter a fraction of a second quicker. It’s like having an app dedicated to your mate. Which isn’t creepy at all.

11. Hide incriminating chats from prying eyes


Keeping your secrets secret can be achieved by hiding your message previews though. This stops your lockscreen alerts teasing the potentially incriminating introduction to a message. ‘How?’ we hear you cry (with only a slight tinge of urgent panic). Just go Settings > Notifications > Show Preview, and your messages will be replaced by relationship-saving basic alerts.

12. Broadcast your private messages to the masses

WhatsApp broadcast

Tapping the menu button reveals the ‘New broadcast’ option. This will send a single message to multiple recipients, creating an individual chat for each. You don’t even need to trouble yourself with endless cut and paste efforts either – it’s the modern equivalent of BCCing someone into an email.

13. Make it easy to switch phones with your messages in tow

WhatsApp backup

In Settings > Chats > Chat Backup, you can set your service to sync up with the cloud on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Now if your phone malfunctions or you move to a new handset, simply logging in to WhatsApp will bring all your past chats across.

14. Make important messages easy to locate

WhatsApp Starred Messages

You can then jump straight to a list of all your starred messages direct from your WhatsApp homescreen. Hours of endless scrolling begone.

15. See exactly when your message was read

WhatsApp read times

There’s always one person in a group chat who fails to commit to the communal plans – you know who they are. You can chase them up though by seeing not only who has read the message, but exactly when they read them.

Long press on a message you’ve sent and hit the ‘info’ tab when it pops up. This will break down who has read and who has received the message, with timings for both handily displayed.

16. Maintain your privacy in unfriendly group chats

WhatsApp Privacy

Check you out with your multiple friendship groups! Aren’t we the social butterfly? But while you’re strutting around like the big I am, think on: friends of friends you’ve never met – but share group chat standing with – are snooping on your innermost secrets. Or your personal details, at least.

While you’re never going to be able to hide your phone number (probably the biggest bit of data these people can see), you can limit access to your profile photo and personal status by heading to Settings > Account > Privacy and hitting the right sub-menus though.

17. Give yourself no excuse to not reply

WhatsApp unread

You can do this on your chat list, by swiping in from the left on your desired message thread. This will let you mark that conversation as unread. Now there’s no excuse for replying later.

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