16 Apple Watch tips and tricks that will turn you into a smartwatch master


Having wrist-based notifications is great. Unless you’ve got someone snooping on your screen, that is. You can keep your personal details away from prying eyes, however, simply by making them private. To activate this, point your phone’s Watch app in the direction of My Watch > Notifications and slide that ‘Notifications Privacy‘ indicator across to on. Now when alerts come in, you’ll see you’ve got a WhatsApp waiting or Message in your inbox, but will have to click into them to see the content.

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Fancy capturing what’s on your watch’s screen? You got it. Just like on your smartphone or laptop, the Apple Watch lets you capture screenshots. How? Well, it’s pleasingly simple. Just press the home button and digital crown at the same time and… actually, that’s it. Screen grab sorted. Notice your camera roll is getting filled with unwanted grabs accidentally captured? No worries, in the phone-based Apple Watch app go My Watch > General > Enable Screenshots and push that slider across to the off position. Sorted.

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OK, this one’s pretty basic, but it might just open your Apple Watch world to new options. As well as switching between dozens of different watch faces, you can actually customise each and every one of them to your own particular tastes. By giving a firm, 3D Force-friendly press on the watch’s display, the face will drop back and the optional ‘Customise’ control will appear, letting you swipe through customisable elements and scroll through widget options and even colour schemes. The possibilities are expansive, so enjoy passing hours fine-tuning 15 different watch faces.

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Fitness and wellbeing isn’t just about running, cycling or generally being a smug gym bod. Making sure you’re taking time out to breathe – and we mean properly, consciously breathe with long, measured inhales and exhales, can help keep you calm, relaxed and alert too. Fortunately Apple’s added a breathe app with watchOS 3. To make use of its mood-calming, sleep-inducing benefits, find the Breathe app on your watch and use the Digital Crown to change the duration of your breathing sessions. Want more regular breaths? On your phone, you can choose how regularly your phone will prompt you to take time out to relax.

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