10 WhatsApp tricks that only a few know about

WhatsApp became part of our lives. The ability to chat, send audios, videos and photos instantly changed the way we communicate with individuals and groups of people. Not surprisingly, with 700 million users, WhatsApp is considered the most popular mobile messaging application worldwide.

1- Remove the controversial “blue double check”

How to do it? By simply going to Settings> Account> Privacy and remove the check from ‘Read Receipt’.

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If what you want is that no one can control when you last logged, do not worry because that is also possible.


Nothing is more famous than the groups in WhatsApp, but nothing more tedious than having to ask permission to add or remove someone in a group? To avoid the absolute monopoly of an administrator, you may add other people as administrators in group chats.


You send a message to a group, the minutes passed and no one answers. It may be because of two things, either because they ignored it, or because the message has not been read yet. The first option we cannot be sure if it is true or not, but we know if they have read the message.


The groups are very useful and it is even fun to stay in touch with friends, family or co-workers. But to be honest, we all have a group or a contact on WhatsApp that drives us crazy with the sea of ​​messages and notifications.


If what you need is to send a message to many people, but you do not want to do it in a group, more like individually to each person. Then what you need is the broadcast messages option.


If you change your smartphone, once you install WhatsApp you will see that all conversations were lost, but there is a way to save conversations and avoid losing any data.

  • Make a backup of your old smartphone conversations. You can do this in Settings -> Chat Settings > Save conversation.
  • Connect your device to your computer via USB and locate the WhatsApp/Databases folder. There is where the backups are stored. The file name will start with “MSGSTORE” followed by a date, depending on the day and time that has been saved.
  • Save the entire Databases folder in your computer.
  • Install WhatsApp on your new phone. Be careful; do not open the app yet.
  • Connect your new smartphone to your computer via USB. When you open the WhatsApp folder you will see Databases again, if not, you can create one with that name.
  • Copy all files which name starts with “mgstore” from your computer to your new phone.
    recuperar conversaciones

One of the reasons why more data gets wasted is because the photos and videos that are sent to WhatsApp are automatically downloaded, and sometimes you do not want to see them all.

There you will be asked if they should be downloaded only when you are connected to WiFi or never or always, you choose.

9. Use WhatsApp on your PC

This is the official way to use your application on a computer. The difference is that, first, it only works with Google Chrome, and second, your phone must be on and connected to the Internet, that is, must be available to receive messages. If you do not get messages in your smartphone, neither will your WhatsApp on your PC.

  • Update WhatsApp through Google Play.
  • Access web.whatsapp.com and always through Chrome.
  • Using the app on the phone, go to Settings -> WhatsApp website.
  • Scan the QR code on the browser on your PC.
  • WhatsApp website will open automatically.

10. Read your WhatsApp statistics

But it is also useful: if you reset the statistics, you can know how much data you have spent in a certain amount of time, which helps save internet.

It’s simple: Settings> Account> Using the Network.

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