10 WhatsApp Tips and Tricks Everyone Should Know

For most of us, WhatsApp has become the default go-to messenger, because everyone’s on it, and it’s on nearly every platform. WhatsApp has over a billion downloads on Google Play alone, the only other messenger to boast that is Facebook Messenger. The app has made itself indispensable by adding a browser version and voice calling to its platform.

1. Mute group chats and notifications

Group chat notifications can get noisy, they’re best turned off when you have to focus on a task at hand.

On iPhoneOpen Group Chat, tap the group subject to reveal the Group Info screen, and tap Mute. Now, select how long you’d like notifications to be muted.


Read receipts, marked by two blue ticks indicate that the recipient has read your message. Find out who has read your message on group chats.

On iPhoneSee the Message Info screen by opening a chat with a contact or a group, then swiping your message from the left to right to see delivery and read notifications.


WhatsApp lets you specify what you would like downloaded on mobile data and when connected to Wi-Fi.

On iPhoneGo to WhatsApp Settings > Chat Settings > Media Auto-Download.


This new feature recently added to WhatsApp Web lets you tap on your avatar on the left hand corner, to change your profile photo with a laptop camera or webcam, or a photo on your drive. The feature also works with groups that you are an admin of.


By default, WhatsApp lets everyone know the last time you used the app. Your last seen timestamp, profile photo and status message can be toggled between ‘Everyone’, ‘My contacts’, and ‘Nobody’ in Settings > Account > Privacy on both iPhone and Android.

6. Use WhatsApp Web if you’re an iPhone user

7. Send a broadcast message

The equivalent of Bccing your message, it’s cheaper than sending a group SMS. The replies from your broadcast will be visible only to you.

On iPhoneTap the Broadcast Lists button at the top of the Chats screen, tap New List at the bottom of the screen, filter from your contact list and then tap Create.


If you’ve changed your SIM card, there’s a way to import your account information, groups and settings. Keep in mind that your old number will be deleted. Make sure that your new SIM is active and able to receive SMSes and calls.

On iPhoneGo to Settings > Account > Change Number, Enter your old phone number in the first box, and your new phone number in the second box.


Not necessarily a WhatsApp tip, but if you don’t have the time to type a message, you can send a Voice message, or let Google’s speech to text engine, embedded in Google’s keyboard do the transcription for you. iPhone users can press the little mic button to activate iOS dictation feature.


Tap on the Send location icon in the attachment pane to explore interesting hotspots around you. The map is a mash-up of FourSquare check-ins of places around you. You’ll find everything from local tech start ups to restaurants, marked as blue dots.

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