10 Hidden Features of WhatsApp you didn’t know before

To make communication easier for its users, WhatsApp has included a good deal of new features. This addition is done with the launch of new desktop application of WhatsApp. However, some reviews show that WhatsApp users are not benefitting themselves from the mobile version of WhatsApp. Underwritten are some useful features of WhatsApp, these features may not be known by users.

Delete for Everyone: Whatsapp has launched a new feature to delete a message you have already sent from other person’s mobile. If you have sent a message and you want to delete it now, not only from your phone but also from the phone of another person, you can easily do it now. 

At the time of deleting the message, Whatsapp will ask you “Delete for me” or “Delete for Everyone”. In case of group chat, it will be deleted from everyone’s mobile phone in the group. However, a notification will appear on your and the other person’s screen that a message has been deleted after being sent.

In order to avail this feature, you and the recipient of the message need to have an updated version of Whatsapp in your mobile.

Live Location: Another mind-blowing feature introduced by Whatsapp is sharing Live-Location. While going on a long drive in a group of people, you must have realized that if somebody leaves behind, you feel trouble to tell him the exact location you are at the moment.

Using the live-location function, all the group can access the real-time location of each other and meet everyone in the group.

Bold, Italics and Strike-Through: While chatting with someone on WhatsApp you are no more bound to write in the same old fashion. You can now make the letters bold, italicized or you can use the strike-through option as well. If you want to make letters bold, just add a * sign at both the start and end of the word. Word can be italicized by adding _ sign and strike-through option cab is used by addition of ~ sign at the start and end of the specific word.

Unsuspecting contact’s profile picture can be changed to a monkey’s picture: If you want to change an unsuspecting contact’s profile picture, it is not an abstract science. Just go the “contacts” and copy the desired number (remove the + sign while copying the number), rename the image of a monkey with that contact number and then paste the image to that contact’s profile picture in WhatsApp, you are done with it. The contact will have monkey’s picture as a profile picture.

Disabling Blue Ticks: Whenever a message is seen by the recipient, two blue tick marks appear next to the text, if you want to disable this feature for the messages you receive, you can do that by using the new feature.

It is to be noted that if you disable this feature for the received messages it will be removed for the sent messages as well. To disable this feature, go to the settings in the app, then account and then privacy tab and in privacy, you can disable the “Read Receipts”. No one will know that you have read his texts but you will also be unable to get a read receipt for the sent messages.

The trick for Blue Tick: You can avoid the blue tick marks temporarily by this simple trick. When you receive a new message on WhatsApp, turn on airplane or flight mode of your device before opening the message. Open the message after doing this and the sender will not get the blue ticks until you turn off the airplane mode and open WhatsApp.

Saving Chat History: WhatsApp users can now save their chat history. Just open settings menu in the app, click chats and then click Backup. Here you can configure the chat backup settings and you may set backup frequency to weekly or monthly schedule. While saving the history, videos can also be saved.

Transfer Videos between Phone and Computer: One can easily transfer the videos to the computer now. Just log in to WhatsApp web and you will have all the chats and media available there.

See ‘last seen’ of others while hiding your own: For doing this trick just send a text to that person and then delete that contact from your contact list. Your message will be there but the contact will get deleted. Now go to the settings menu in your app and change the last seen preference.

WhatsApp Wallpaper: Users can change the wallpaper of their WhatsApp profile as well. It can be done by these simple steps i.e. click the settings menu, then chats and then click the wallpaper option and replace it with the desired image.

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