If you heard anything about our Barefoot party during Art Basel with Metroboomin and DJ Esco, you know that it was legendary. From the blaring bass radiating from the speakers until the early morning to the crowd jumping in the pool, it was unlike anything Miami’s bougiest week had ever seen. Since then, we got so many requests to bring back the dynamic duo “ESCOBOOMIN” for another extravaganza. And just like that, Viber and YesJulz Agency delivered, only this time, we took our talents to Toronto.

We rolled up to the club at around 11 p.m. when the doors hadn’t yet opened. Not only was it -6 degrees Fahrenheit out (yes, you read that correctly), but there was a line wrapping around the side of the building. If we had any doubt that Toronto was down for an incredible night, it quickly evaporated at that exact moment. The doors opened and partygoers began to flood the floor. Did they stand around waiting for the DJ to hype them up? Of course not! This was the six! They grabbed their friends and hit the dance floor without any inhibitions.

DJ Clutch kicked off the evening playing the best classics (and a lot of Drake, because well, Toronto), which got the crowd in the mood to dance. Before we knew it, the floor was so packed after a measly 30 minutes that it was impossible not to feed off of the energy of the youth around you.

Attendees enjoyed capturing moments with their special Viber disposable cameras, while basketball lovers got to bounce around exclusive All Star Weekend Viber basketballs that were on display at every table.

In the middle of dancing through the six with their woes, the crowd began screaming. What was going on? We looked up, and Metro and Esco had JUST hit the stage. Everyone rushed to them, subconsciously preparing themselves (and their feet) for the night that was about to ensue.

“March Madness” begins blasting from the speakers. The crowd doesn’t hesitate, and all of a sudden, there’s a full blown mosh pit in the center of the dance floor and the stage doesn’t look much different except this mosh pit includes the likes of Odell Beckham, P Reign, 40 oz & Metro, Esco & Julz themselves!

Needless to say, it was one for the books. We can’t wait to come back to Toronto and rage with our favorite crowd again. Thanks for welcoming us with open arms, stay tuned for our next trip to the six!

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