WinPhan Story by Suraj Singh Kalsi


Finally Windows Phone 7.8 came to my HTC Titan Windows Phone. I was beginning to doubt HTC and give up on the new Windows Phone 8 user interface and face the fact that I would have to stick to the original Windows Phone 7 appearance. The HTC Titan was released way back in late 2011 alongside the HTC Radar. It is the successor to the HTC HD7 which is the modern Windows Phone version of the HTC HD2. The HTC Titan is the largest Windows Phone to date with a 4.7 inch 480×800 Super LCD capacitive touchscreen.


Windows Phone 8 codenamed Apollo is the second generation of the modern Windows Phone mobile operating systems. The two flagship devices currently running Windows Phone 8 are the Nokia Lumia 920 and HTC 8X. Older devices such as the Nokia Lumia 800 and the HTC Titan were not able to upgrade to the new operating system due to hardware restrictions thus Microsoft came up with the excuse of 7.8… the last major update for Windows Phone 7 users.

At least they didn’t leave us in the dust which is a positive point. The update of 7.8 would still incorporate the new Apollo start screen as found in Windows Phone 8 but without all the new features such as ‘Rooms’ under the People Hub and Kid’s Corner. The only extra thing is the greater choice of theme colours available to add to the unique appearance of the world’s most attractive looking mobile operating system!


Now onto my experience with Apollo. I connected my phone with my computer to sync all the pictures and videos I had taken. Zune launched and it started to synchronise until a message came up telling me there was an update available for my phone. I seriously did not think much of it, I thought it was just going to be a minor bug fix. This was because I expected to receive the Apollo update last year in late 2012 after Windows Phone 8 was released!

The existing Lumia phones were the first to receive 7.8 and I just presumed HTC were going to release theirs very shortly. A month went by, and then another, I started to doubt my phone would ever see daylight of this great looking operating system. I was reading through articles on the internet saying 7.8 would come to my phone in Q1 2013.

That meant during January, February or March the update would come… it was April now. Finally on 13th April 2013 Zune showed an OS version of: 7.10.8858.136

I immediately knew Apollo would be in my hands by the end of the day, I burst into joy and I was over the moon. Words could not describe how I was feeling, I quickly took a screenshot of my desktop showing that the update was in process and posted it to Facebook


Once the update had completed, my original app layout was the same only in the new Apollo format. The medium sized tiles were now bigger and the theme color was still red. The first thing I did was swipe the screen from the right to not only see my app list but because I remember during development of Apollo, Microsoft had a bug and all the companies who were releasing the new Windows Phone 8 handsets were instructed not to swipe right into the app list in their videos and live demonstrations.

After a couple of minutes playing around with the new operating system, resizing and moving the tiles… it hit me, I just released that there were so many combinations; ways of arranging the tiles to fit your needs, it truly was a phone ‘reinvented around you’.

A big thanks to Suraj for detailing his experience in updating his HTC Titan to Windows Phone 7.8! I’d also like to take a second and thank Suraj for all that he has done and will be doing as he is taking on the task of managing the WinPhanUK region! Let’s all wish him good luck and a big thanks! Suraj, I hope you read this on your recently updated Windows Phone HTC Titan!!

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