Whatsapp Vs Viber

Today you are going to find plenty of apps by which you can stay connected to your Whatsapp friends. Today you will see that there are so many apps that people are using today. These apps have plenty of features. WhatsApp and Viber are the two popular messaging apps, which are very popular these days. These two are the most popular and here is the comparison of the features (whatsapp vs viber) so that you can understand what they have to offer.

Which Is Better ? Whatsapp Vs Viber:

The Given below is the analysis on Whatsapp vs Viber Apps.

Whatsapp – Ultimate Messaging App:

These days, everyone is using WhatsApp . This app allows you to stay connected with your friends all around the world. There is no doubt that this app is so popular. It definitely deserves to be on the top. Recently WhatsApp    has been taken over by Facebook.

This app is the most popular app and there are millions of users who are on WhatsApp and enjoying its features. There are some very good things about WhatsApp that makes it the preferable one such as there are no advertisements and anyone can download it for free.

You just have to pay one time, for the yearly subscription, but this fee is negligible. For one year you can enjoy its features for free and after that pay for it and start taking it’s advantages once more.

There are some best features which are explained as below

1. Group Chats:

With this feature you can create your college groups, school groups and the one you like and communicate with all the people at one place. You can also share your images, videos and much more

2. Multimedia Message:

This is a revolutionary feature that you are going to get with WhatsApp. The emoticons are also huge in number that makes chatting more fun. If you are not in a mood just send icons and say it.

3. Greater Privacy Option:

Some like privacy features and some totally hate it. With privacy features you can control who can see your profile pictures and last seen

Can Viber Stand The Popularity Of Whatsapp ?

There is no doubt that WhatsApp is rocking and people only want WhatsApp because it is the top choice these days. On the other hand Viber has its own share of popularity and many are using this app to stay connected with their family and friends.

One thing that makes the Viber different from others is that it also has a desktop version. For the desktop version you will have to register your mobile numbers. This way it becomes easy to stay connected. You can also make free calls from Viber and this option is not available with WhatsApp all the other features of Viber are almost similar to that of WhatsApp.

Viber has a free calling facility which makes it popular. It is also free to download and with the aid of this app you can have control over your phone bills.

There is not much difference between the two (Whatsapp Vs Viber) and both of them are having their own share of popularity. Whatsapp has a little bit greater share.

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