Ways to block a number on Sprint

Tired of harassing phone calls?  Here are 3 ways you can block phone numbers from calling you on Sprint.

Method 1: Block Numbers Online

Go to Sprint.com.

Sign in with your account’s official login. You will need to have the user name and password associated with your account.

  • If you do not have official permissions to change your account on Sprint.com, you will not be allowed to change data or voice settings. Ask your account manager to change them for you.

Locate the “My Preferences” section. Click on it.

Go to the “Limits and Permissions” section.

Choose the “Block Voice” option.

Select the specific phone on which the settings should be valid. Few accounts choose to block the number from multiple phones. If you wish to do this, then go to each phone separately and put in the number.

Click on the option that says “Block only the following phone numbers for inbound and outbound calls.”

Type the number you wish to block from the phone in the space provided. Click the “Add Number” button.

Save your changes to the account. It will give you a confirmation on the screen once changes are saved.

Turn your phone off and on again. It will take approximately 15 minutes for the number to be blocked.

Method 2 Method Two: Blocking Text Numbers

Find the number that was used to send the text. Text numbers are often abbreviated numbers, rather than 10 digit numbers. This is called the short code.

Write a new text message. Address it to “9999.” This will arrive at the Sprint Free Message service that blocks text numbers.

Type the word “block” into the body of the text message.

Add the short code in brackets.

For example, ” block <98765>.” This code must be at least 4 characters long.

Method 3: Blocking through Sprint CustomerService

Find your most recent Sprint statement or agreement. Locate the account number.

Call the Sprint customer service number on the statement. Follow the voice instructions to speak to a customer service agent.

Ask the customer service agent to block the number you specify. They will check to see if you have permissions to do so on your account and phone.

Turn your phone off and on. The changes will be made in approximately 15 minutes.

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