Viber Stickers and Emoticons for Android Mobile Phones

If you check the latest data about how much time are people spending online (mobile or desktop), then you will find that chatting is top on the list. People love to chat and text each other and remain connected. And when it comes to chatting, one of the most cute way to share your feeling is with the help of emoticons or stickers. These emoticons or stickers are small images which actually mean something.

Below is a collection of all the Viber emoticons and stickers available on android mobile phones.

Getting the emoticons list (select the icon right of plus sign) and then select the smiley tab :

viber emoticon selection

List of Viber Emoticons

Below is the complete list of free viber emoticons.

viber emoticons list

Viber Sticker List

Selecting the stickers is very easy. Just go to the Hi tab and adjacent tabs to select a sticker. Below is a complete list of stickers which are freely available as of now on android mobile phones.


Purchasing Viber Stickers – Buy New Packs

The free listed stickers are good and very useful but if you are willing to pay money then it opens up a huge list of new stickers which are more awesome. To buy more stickers click on “More Stickers” and you will be taken to the Sticker market where you can buy new packs.

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