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Viber Spy – Spy on Viber Messages

With GuestSpy you can find out about any Viber calls being made and get access to all Viber conversations that take place through the target phone. With GuestSpy, Viber Spy, Spy Viber on Android, Spy on Viber Messages

, you can:

  • View all Viber chat conversations.
  • Get access to Viber call records with time and date stamps.
  • Find out the names and numbers of people they have been chatting with.
  • Get time and date stamps to know when each chat took place.
  • All Viber conversations are uploaded to your online GuestSpy control panel which you can access from anywhere with an internet connection.
Viber Spy, Spy Viber on Android, Spy on Viber Messages

Try a new spy app to spy Viber messenger- here’s everything for you


Few people show great interest in others gossips and life. They are eager to know what is happening in other’s lives and for that their ears are always open up to listen to others chats. It is not a good act as everybody has the right to keep the secrets and it is not necessary to share your life with everyone. But when the situation changes where things are going wrong then it becomes crucial to monitor your loved ones.

Nowadays, it is seen that youngsters spend their precious time with their smartphones. They use messaging apps like WhatsApp, Skype and other to stay in touch with many friends at one place. Parent show great concern over their safety as they know the social world of these applications can harm their kids in one or other way. Therefore to monitor their social accounts parents can take help of spy software to spy apps like Viber.

Why spy Viber

Why spy Viber

Messaging apps are on the rise, and new and fascinating apps have developed for the users. Skype, Viber, snapchat and much more have joined the list of messaging apps that work on android, iPhone, and another platform. Viber is one such app that allows the user to make call or messages for free using a data pack or WI-FI. It has become the popular app among the smartphones users. Numbers of Viber users are increasing, and even kids use it to chat with their school friends. Even your employees or friends use Viber. Viber gives the facility to call anyone without using the device call plan. Thus, people use it to contact easily without spending on any calling plan.

Parents cannot go with their kids to school or colleges to ensure that they are safe. Therefore to ensure that kids are not going on the wrong path or not chatting with an unknown person parents should spy viber chats.

How to spy or monitor viber

Are you trying to check your kids or employees or spouse cell phone? But not finding the correct time to check it because your victim is keeping the phone with him every time. We will advise you to drop this plan as it will not be of any help for you. Spy smartly as the world is getting advanced and everyone is using the smart method to do their works. We are talking about the software that let you monitor any device very effectively.

Spy software is dedicated programs to spy any electronic device like computer, laptops, tablets and cell phones. Get any spy software to spy viber account of the person you know. What can spy software do? Well, to get this answer you will have to continue reading this article.

The store is flooded with numerous software that is good but how you would know that they are best? Of course, by downloading a one, but do you think that trying any app randomly is the good decision. We are sure that your answer is no because nobody wants to waste their money and get disappointed. That is why we bring trustworthy and useful software that is the guest spy.

As said earlier, it is a dedicated program that is designed by the expert developers. Guest spy is like a friend who is ready to help you to spy viber messages instantly and safely. The app is available in downloadable format, visit and install it without any hesitation and fear. After installation, you are asked to register. Don’t worry; your details are safe with the application. Users are asked to made ID and a secure password so that the guest spy can transfer all information from the device to the control panel. To know how the app works you have to try it. But, we can help you a little bit by explaining the features that will force you to try this app.

Definitely, before trying any new app, you want to know what is exciting about the app and what it can do for you. So, here you go, read the features of the guest spy.

Features of the Viber Spy GuestSpy-

Features of the Viber Spy GuestSpy

The guest spy is built with incredible features to spy viber messenger. With too less and not useful features you can’t do your job effectively. No buyer will purchase an app that works less efficiently hence the developers kept all points in mind while developing guest spy. The guest spy brought all these features for the app users.

Monitor internet use-   monitor the URLs visited by the employees on the company’s PCs. See what your kids search on the internet and find whether they are seeing suitable content on the sites or watching any adult content. All the searched URLs will be displayed on your screen when you log in to the account.

Remote command– to control the target device you don’t have to physically access it. Give commands form your location and turn on the recorder, microphone and much more. This feature is for those who have to travel often and cannot monitor their kids all day. Parents don’t have to worry now, and they can watch their kid’s activities on social media anytime.

View Photo/video captured- viber let you share photos and videos, you can even save them on your device. These are not visible to any person other than the desired receiver. But guest spy let you see them as you can enter into the victim’s cell without their permission. You can open any folder and watch the videos saved there.

Calendar and phone book access- if your kids have the personal cell then it is your responsibility to know the contact numbers saved on their cell.  You must check whether they have contact with an unknown person or not. Are they talking only to those friends about which you know in detail?  Or they are misleading you. Access their phonebook and find out the answer. Check events saved in the calendar to know their plans.

These features are not enough to spy viber messages; you need some more. Well, the guest spy has some more features that are more advanced and fast.

Features – Viber Spy – Spy on Viber Messages

More features-

GPS tracker– a tracker is the best gadget to track the path of the vehicle. That’s why guest spy brought this feature that will let you aware about the single steps were taken by the target. With the installation of guest spy, a GPS tracker feature is also installed that will direct you to the location of the victim that could be your kid or spouse or any other person. See where your kids go to the classes. Track their location history of past days along with the date and time of journey.

Spy call– doesn’t just spy viber, but also spy call. This meaningful feature spy on the incoming/outgoing calls from the device, when your children are chatting on call then you can even hear their conversation. Guest spy will inform you about the call, and you can immediately hear the call.

SMS spy- spy over their text messages when they are not using the messaging apps for communication. Rarely people use this service, but still few are there who use text message services.  Get into their inbox and read all of them. You can keep eyes on their every text messages.

Call recording– the guest spy, is fully aware that you can’t see all details in real time. Maybe you’re busy in your work, and when you get free time, and then you open your guest spy account and monitor the details of the victim. To assist you, the guest spy is capable of recording any live call and sending a file to your dashboard which is easily accessible. It can record viber calls to spy viber, local and international call made via mobile phone.

WhatsApp spy-   the guest spy is not only designed to spy viber messenger. It is entirely aware of the fact that most of the users use WhatsApp also and hence it can safely monitor WhatsApp also. Whatsapp chats, shared pics, calls, a status of the victim, everything is visible to the guest spy user on its control panel. As it is the fastest growing app and that’s why the reason to WhatsApp is right, therefore guest spy is compatible to spy every platform on which WhatsApp works.

Ambient voice recording– we told you earlier that guest spy is capable of doing everything and here is the proof. Secretly listen to the conversation of your kids, employees, or whosoever is your target when they are in public. It means even if they are not interviewing their cell then also a guest spy user has the facility to listen to their talks. Maybe the person is an event or function, or he/she is with an unknown person and sharing your secrets. Nothing is secret now, and the target can never hide from you.

Social chats monitoring– social media platform is the most significant and most prominent platform where every individual is connected. People from the different country are connected at a single place where they are free to make friends. But it has negative effects too and thus, and it has become essential to spy your kids on this platform also. Your kids may trap in any unusual activity or any unknown person with evil intention can abuse them and maybe due to fear your children could not tell you. Therefore, without letting they know to solve their problem.

A guest spy app is not just an app; it’s a complete package for all your spying needs. All such features described above are of no use till you download it.  Well, many of you must be thinking of downloading the app on your device. No, the app should be downloaded on the target’s equipment. Follow the procedure that we have told you in the starting and get the benefits to spy viber. Read the advantages that we are going to say to you and try this new and advanced app for spying.

Benefits of using guest spy-

When you spy, you want to keep it secret, and nobody should ever know that you are watching them. That’s what is called spying, and guest spy offers this advantage to you. It is 100%undetectable, safe for the device and it also keeps you safe from others. Its hide icon feature let you make the app invisible into the device so that the phone user cannot see it. Other benefits are as follows-

Catch cheating spouse-

Are you suffering from the relationships quarrels? Are your partner is not loyal? Or your spouse is not giving enough time to you and lie every time. Is this your condition? Well, no worries, we will help you in figuring out the reality.  Nothing is away from your reach now; with the guest spy, you can save your relationship. In this world seeking the truth is not very difficult. Your unfaithful partner must be texting to someone in the night, maybe he/she go out with someone after working hours and tell you that he/she is doing overtime.

Don’t just believe them and don’t become their puppets. Reveal the truth; catch them with evidence and save yourself from any unnecessary problems. Guest spy will let you do things like spy viber chats of your partner, monitor their online activities; search their locations after office hours, etc.

Employee monitoring

In this world, nobody is very loyal. Everyone wants to make the profit, and few peoples can even deceive you and cause your loss. It happens more in a corporate world. There is no other method than spying or monitoring the employee’s device other than using the guest spy. Why spy their cell phone? The only answer is to check whether they are making any loss to your company or not by giving information of your organization to your rivals. If you find them loyal, then it’s well and good but if no, then it’s time to sue them.

Employees can use gadgets in office, but they are not answerable to you for their online activities. They might be sending useful documents that contain reports of your company’s projects. If you don’t monitor their cell, then be ready to bear the loss. You have the better option, use guest spy and spy viber chats they do with your rivals.

Parental control-

Nothing is more important for parents than their kids. They wish that their kids always stay safe whether they are out from home or not. Parents think that their kids are safe at home, but that’s not true. Teens are not safe online hence parents should monitor their kids online as well. Many teens use viber, and hence parents can install guest spy on their teen kids to spy viber messages and other apps. The app will keep parents in touch with their teen kids always. In any difficult situation when they need you than reaching to them will not be difficult for you. Don’t wait for the case get worse and reach before that to protect your kids from any trouble situation.

Find lost phones-

Kids are careless, and they leave their belongings anywhere. And if you have gifted your children a cell phone then it is good to install guest spy so that they never lost their mobile. Searching mobile without using a guest spy will take a long time, thus don’t wait and immediately download the app on their new mobile phone. Because spy app is not about fetching details from any device without their permission, but it is also to keep the device protected. And guest spy is all about for safety and security of your beloved ones.

Accessing other’s mobile phone without the person’s consent is considered bad. Today even kids don’t allow their parents to check their cell. And in this scenario, it becomes harder for the parents to figure out their problems and give necessary help. It is not only the concern of parents to keep their kids safe, but it is the need as well. Even your company or business needs protection. In this fast and modern world, everyone is busy in their lives, and they forget about the possible harmful effects of being socially active. Not even parents can be with their kids every time, so in this situation, the best way to leave them freely is to download a spy app and stay relaxed.

We have already told you how to spy viber using this software. Its benefits and features are also discussed. We hope that you are convinced and want to try this app. For the additional information you can visit the website and if satisfied then move on and download it. The app comes with three different packages that let you give access to the particular features and pay for only those. By spending few more dollars, you can be assured of the complete safety of your kids. You can quickly know how loyal your partner or employees are towards you.

Guest spy will not let you survive in the stress and doubts. It is available for everyone and if you wish to see the reviews then go on and get satisfaction. The guest spy users are impressed by its work, and you can also get rid of your problems.

Review: Viber Spy

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