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“Viber Out” is latest service by Viber which allows users to call any phone (mobile or landline) at very low rates. You can call these phones at low cost, even if they are not Viber users (that is currently they are not using Viber on their phone or on their computer). Viber Out is a pre-paid type of service in which you buy credit via in-app purchase (or with credit card/Pay Pal for desktop version). Calling credits are available in amounts of $4.99, $9,99 or $24,99.

Viber will automatically place the call through Viber Out if the number you are dialing is a landline or a mobile line that is not a registered Viber number. If you do not have any Viber Out credit, you will be prompted to a purchase screen where you can check rates and make a purchase. The call rates depends only on the country you are calling. It does not matter from where you are using Viber. The app requires internet to work (high speed 3G or wifi) and you can call just any country in the world.

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How to buy credit ?

As we said purchasing credit takes place through the application and payment is made through your app store. Alternatively you can go to your Viber account on PC.

From the More options menu in the Viber application:

  1. Select Viber Out
  2. Select Buy Credit
  3. Choose the credit amount you would like the purchase. The amount will be displayed in your local currency. Transactions will be made in US dollars or euro.
  4. Follow the payment instructions displayed by your app store

Viber Out Call Rates

The most important thing is calling rates. Viber Out is being compared with SkypeOut service. Many people are confused whether they should prefer Viber over Skype. For that you will need to check out the call rates of the countries which you call most. Viber Out’s low rates vary based on your call’s destination.

You can find a complete list of Viber Out rates in this link

  • Viber to Viber calls are free but they consume some data – would you not like to know how much data does a viber call consume.

Check rates from app itself

  1. Enter the More options menu in Viber
  2. Select Viber Out
  3. Select Learn more… at the bottom of the screen
  4. From the Menu dropdown on the top right, select Viber Out
  5. Begin typing the call destination country in the search field

Viber Out charges and Payment History

All of your Viber Out activity, including call history and payments, can be found in the Viber Out menu. To check your charges and payment history.

  1. Enter the More options menu in Viber
  2. Select Viber Out
  3. Select Viber Out Payments (Android) or Payment History (iPhone)
  4. Select the month/year you wish to view

Below is screenshot of how you can buy credit or check your current credit or check out the call rates.

Viber Out Call Charges and Rates.jpg

Viber Out Vs Skype Out

viberout vs skypeout

Where’s the Viber Out Calling Rate List ?

We tried to search for viber call rate list so that we can know its rates for various countries. However we could not find a single list (rate list) for all the countries. Though you can check the rates by visiting the rate page, however there is no single list.

We have created a consolidated list of calling rates for all popular destinations (please note that it is manually captured list so it may not be updated fully). Please check this below, this will help people decide whether they should choose ViberOut or not.

Viber Out Rates – FAQ Section

Q. What happens to my credit if I switch phones?

A. Your Viber Out credit is not affected if you switch mobile devices. Credits are assigned to your phone number, which serves as your Viber ID. So long as you are registered to Viber with the phone number to which you loaded credits, you will always have them, even if you “Deactivate your account”, “Switch to a new device”, “Switch to a new operating system (For example, from Android to iOS)”.

Q. Is it possible to use the same Viber Out credit amount to make calls with two different Viber accounts. That is transfer Viber Out Credit from one account to another account.

A. Viber Out credits are associated with the number from which they were purchased, so you will only be able to use these credits on your wife’s phone. Viber Out Credits cannot be transferred. You will need to buy credit in both of your accounts.

Q. Can I use Viber Out in India. That is use Viber Out to call from India to my father living in Dubai (or for that matter in any other part of world).

A. Yes, why not. You can download and use Viber in India. You can create a Viber Out account in India. You can purchase credit from India and use them to call anywhere in world. So short answer is YES!

Q. What about sending text messages to non Viber users? Are there some sms rates?

A. Viber Out do not have an option to send text messages to non-Viber users. Viber Out is a service used to place calls to non-Viber users.

Q. When I Buy the Credit, is there any validity period for the credit purchased ?

A. The balance stays untouched until you decide to use it, whenever you choose

Q. Does the Viber Out rates depend upon the country you are calling from. I want to call India to India using Viber Out.

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