Viber Opens Up More Channels and Opportunities for Business Entities

Viber is a leader of instant messaging and free calling services across the world. This Tencent-owned app has more than 606 million users from all over the world and in the latest update; this app has opened up more channels and business opportunities for its millions of users.

Viber keeps on monetizing its services

Viber has introduced a brand new app to person (A2P) technology where business entities that make use of the company’s services can send information, be it informative or personal, to their clients using this platform. This innovative API is aimed at helping business organizations to engage effectively with their customers via this familiar interface of Viber.

There is even more to this new Viber API. Once this latest update is downloaded, businesses will be able to get an insight of how users interact with their efforts of communicating to them as they can know when the message is sent, delivered or even if the target has seen it.

There are more offers from Viber with respect to business opportunities. The company allows different organizations to come up with unique stickers to be part of their online marketing campaigns. When companies use free promotional sticker packs, it becomes easier to attract users and generate brand awareness. Users can download these free packs and use them in messaging.

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