Viber Messages and Calls

Viber has been considered hard to monitor because it operates with both messages and calls and works on different platforms. However, the technologies are developing constantly, so you have a few options to consider.

Viber Basics: What’s Up


Maybe, you do not use Viber, but most teenagers and young adults love this app. The program has been released 5+ years ago and nowadays this is one of the top popular messengers with a millionth public.

Viber works on mobile phones, iPads, Android tablets, and computers. People use it to make calls and send/receive messages using the Internet. It works with Wi-Fi or cable Internet connection. So, everything is free for both senders and receivers. You do not need to pay for the app’s main features, you only pay for your device’s tariff plan.

The software in non-chargeable and you can exchange data with other devices with the app installed. This is like an unlimited conversation package. Although Viber has some competitors, it looks like they fell behind.

Monitoring of Viber Data: What’s Going On

Although most spy mobile programs can easily track SMSs and record calls, Viber creates some problems that only some apps can solve. One of the issues is that a Viber call is actually not a call in the sense that you pick up the phone, so it is hard to track. Anyway, some companies have produced workable solutions, worth your attention.

You can look through our comprehensive report on the top spy apps to find out what programs support Viber monitoring. Either way, it is better to learn some nuances first.

Requirements, Limitations, and Other Important Things


For now, you can only track Viber on iOS and Android apparatuses, including Android tablets and iPad. However, you should check whether a chosen spy app supports a particular model. This is especially important for Android devices that differ from each other significantly.

One of the vital requirements to succeed is that an iOS gadget should be jailbroken while an Android device must be rooted. You can find some nuances in our other posts.

Anyway, you can spy on a target apparatus with the top app. So, which one to try?

Viber Spy Apps: Impossible Is Possible

We tested some solutions for Viber and now can recommend two apps for your consideration – mSpy and FlexiSpy. Our old favorite Mobile Spy does not support this feature.

The aforementioned apps have the same functional requirements. First, you need to root an Android device or jailbreak an iOS gadget. Second, you need to select an advanced version of the program because the standard packages do not include a Viber spy feature.

MSpy and FlexiSpy: Getting the Value

By purchasing any of these apps, you get

  • Access to content of texts sent/received using Viber,
  • Data related to texts and calls such as numbers, dates, and time,
  • Call duration logs and details on the phone numbers.

Important note: You do not receive the call record, just the information about it. The developers are working to create such a feature. They will, probably, release it soon.

MSpy versus FlexiSpy: Choosing Wisely

We have tried both applications and they demonstrate the same fine results. FlexiSpy, however, released Viber spy feature earlier than their competitors did, so it looks like they could fix more issues that may occur. MSpy demonstrated the same functionality and performed well in our tests too.

Our verdict and advice, if you like, is to select the app based on your other needs. Do you need a Surround Rec feature? Do you plan to use a Geo Fencing tool? MSpy cannot complete the aforementioned tasks while FlexiSpy can. For further reference, check out our full comparison of top mobile spy solutions.

You have to consider the price policy provided as well. Advanced packages with Viber monitoring are quite pricey, so choose wisely. You can always search for expert guidelines on our portal to make a cognizant decision!

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