Viber launches public chats

Viber has released an update to its instant messaging service which allows users to follow ‘public chats’ from their favourite celebrities or brands.

Public chats are made up of two user groups, participants and followers. The main participant is the person who starts the chat, for example Pixie Lott. The main participant can then invite up to 99 other users to join the conversation.

“The release of Public Chats on Viber allows people to interact in a new way, listening in on live discussions and staying up-to-date with exclusive content from the people and subjects that matter to them most,” said Viber’s CEO Talmon Marco.

The opening lineup of stars and brands includes Lott, Perez Hilton, Tyler Oakley and NEXT model agency.

The Viber update is rolling out now for iPhone, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

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