Viber has a new practical function

Phone for Viber users is connected with a lot of inconvenience.With the new SIM card, not only the account disappears, but all the content, including contact lists, chat content and other important data.The creation of a new account and the restoration of all the necessary contacts takes time. Developers Viber thought about how to simplify the procedure Uru, making it more simple and convenient.

” Changing the phone number is a simple and fairly common operation. In this regard, we want to provide the most convenient, secure procedure, which, among other things, will preserve the correspondence of users and their content, “said Jamel Agaoua, CEO of Viber.

The updated account will transfer all the necessary information : Contacts, dialogs, a list of public accounts for which the user is subscribed, and purchased sticker packs.Also, all friends in Viber will receive a notification and a suggestion to save new contact information.For those who decided to change not only the phone number but the device, It is necessary to transfer contacts from the old smartphone to a new one.It is possible only if the platform remains the same : For example, it will not be possible to transfer data from Android to iOS.

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